Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Chapter 10 Is OVER!

So I figured I'd take five or so minutes to write about the weight that is OFF my shoulders. You may have guessed why as per the post's title, but I'm DONE chapter 10!!! Throughout the fall and into March I wrote pretty consistently, about one chapter per month.
SIDE NOTE: (Sometimes I feel that's SO slow, but I'm beginning to accept that that's my pace.) Basically, I spend a week or two writing the chapter, and the rest of the time is either thinking about it or winding down after it. I feel so drained after each chapter that my writing schedule's like a rollercoaster with many, many hills. I need a week's break from writing in between to build up my creative juices again.
ANYWAY, Chapter 10 was giving me some trouble. I began writing it about a month ago, after a drawn-out Chapter 9, and my first draft wasn't received too well. (Actually, I believe the words, "I think this is your weakest submission" were thrown around. Mini ouch.) But Sara and Frankie were so, so right --- my first 10-page draft lacked urgency, and so it flopped and didn't have enough meaning for my readers. (Funny thing is, a huge clue that my writing is too slow is that I have a lot of exposition. When I get introspective for long periods of time, it really doesn't work too well.)
So I went back to the drawing board with my awesome critique group suggestions and busted out 20 pages. I just got done tonight. Meeting's this Sunday, which makes me even more proud because I'm usually a procrastinator and finish right before the meeting. Who knows, I might even begin chapter 11 if I get the urge, but my next priority is finishing Maria V. Snyder's Storm Glass, which I started today and am already obsessed with. (I had to pretend it wasn't in my bag calling to me as I wrote.)
Of course, I'm nervous that this draft of Chapter 10 will also stink, but that's part of the process. I feel like I didn't know where to go after Chapter 9, which was this crazy, hectic, dramatic Halloween party chapter where all the fictional sh*t hit the fan. I just had to trust in myself that I could carry my characters through the aftermath and keep readers interested. *Crossing fingers, crossing fingers.*
Anyway, this is one of my few moments of writer's euphoria, and I figured I'd share it!


  1. Huzzah, you go Donna! I know exactly what you mean about feeling burnt out after writing a chapter--I'm the same way. With everything else going on right now, I've found it difficult to have any creative juices at all!

  2. Aw Donna, you make me want to jump through the screen and give you a hug, both because I can't wait to read chapter 10 and also because I think the harsh quote above came from my lips. But that's awesome that you got it done, can't wait to see you Sunday:-)

  3. Don't worry about it Frankie! You know why I love the occasional brutal criticism? They make me believe the good critiques. If you guys were always nice I wouldn't trust you when you say "This chapter's great."

  4. That's what we're here for, but those moments still suck anyway.


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