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YA Character Studies
Mary Bennett: A Pride and Prejudice Character Study
Willow and Oz: YA Character Study, Couples Edition
Catherine Earnshaw and Heathcliff: They Deserve One Another (Couples Character Study)

* Disney-fied:
Charming vs. Philip (Disney Princes Smackdown)
Gaston (The Villain in YA)

Plot Studies and Topics
*You Can Teach an Old Plot New Tricks:

General Writing Goodness/Advice
Dialogue Tips: Part One , Part Two

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Elsewhere on the blogosphere...
- Frankie has an agent!
- GLA Blog:
     Trimming Your Query to 250 Words (or Fewer) - advice from Janet Reid
     Demystifying Contracts: What Every Writer Should Know - advice from Edward Necarsulmer
- Interviewed at The Bookologist for the Tuesday's Chatter feature
- Guest post on The Giver for Books Change Lives Month at Hey! Teenager of the Year
- Publishers Weekly Children's Book News link to FNC post
- Recap of Frankie's Breaking into the Biz talk at Arcadia University
- Guest post on A Year of Auditions: What if the Glee cast auditioned for Disney musicals?

Literary Agent Interviews on the GLA blog:
What we've written...
*FNC WIPets! (Snippets from our WIPs)
Donna 1*, 2*, Magnetic Kama Sutra, No-Kiss Blogfest entry, Short Story (In Vein) Parts 1, 2, 3
Frankie 1*, 2*
Janine 1*, 2*
Sara 1*, 2*
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