Friday, January 25, 2013

Writer Horoscopes! Monopoly style

Monopoly tokens are like the
Zodiac signs of the board game world.

Your preferred token reveals the type of person you are. (Ok, not really. But let's pretend, shall we?) In this case, it reveals what kind of writer you are.

Choose your token,
and read your writer horoscope below!

If you chose: Car

You'll write anywhere, at any time, and you have an intense drive and determination to succeed. With multiple irons in the fire, you work on various projects simultaneously. Just be careful that you don't overextend yourself and become overwhelmed.
Similar to: Wheelbarrow
You could learn something from: Top Hat

If you chose: Scottie Dog
You're an eager and passionate writer, plunging into projects with enthusiasm. You love the communal aspects of writing and have multiple critique partners. However, take care that your desire for their approval doesn't prevent you from trusting your writerly instincts.
Similar to: Shoe
You could learn something from: Battleship

If you chose: Wheelbarrow
A fan of revision, you never mind getting your hands dirty. Like a sculptor, you mold your writing into various forms, not afraid of deleting entire scenes or overhauling plotlines. Beware you don't lose sight of the story you're trying to tell.
Similar to: Battleship
You could learn something from: Thimble

If you chose: Iron
You're a plotter to the end, ironing out every last detail before starting a draft. You're not one to waste time writing experimental scenes, but don't be afraid to veer off course every once in awhile. You never know where some unexpected creativity may lead.
Similar to: Thimble
You could learn something from: Wheelbarrow

If you chose: Thimble
You're a cautious writer, and you do most of your drafting off-page. Much of your time is spent staring at a blinking cursor, thinking through the various directions a scene might take, before choosing your course. Don't allow your deliberations to hinder your productivity. 
Similar to: Top Hat
You could learn something from: Shoe

If you chose: Battleship
Aggressive and determined, you tackle a new project without hesitation. You have an arsenal of confidence, and you're not afraid to navigate unfamiliar territory alone. Always be open to learning from others' experiences and receiving input from fellow writers.
Similar to: Car
You could learn something from: Scottie Dog

If you chose: Top Hat
You consider writing an art form. Before you write, you set up a particular atmosphere. Maybe it's as simple as lighting a candle; maybe you need your favorite playlist. Remember, though, that art can be created anywhere; requiring an ideal situation can slow you down.
Similar to: Iron
You could learn something from: Car

If you chose: Shoe
You're a carefree writer and a pantser to the core. You discover a path and follow wherever it leads. This method encourages creativity, but your story may meander, and you can become easily distracted by shiny new ideas. Make sure you see things through to the end.
Similar to: Scottie Dog
You could learn something from: Iron


How accurate is your Monopoly horoscope? What token did you choose, and what token are you most similar to?

The news that one of the original Monopoly tokens will soon get exiled from Atlantic City reminded me of the summer I was 11, when I played Monopoly with my friend Cassie almost every day. Yes, I loved the most tedious, time-consuming game known to man. But beyond putting a hotel on Boardwalk, my favorite part was choosing my token, and it wasn't a decision to be made lightly. (Mostly, I picked the dog because he was cute!)

Me as a writer? I fancy myself a Shoe, but let's face it, I'm a Thimble to the core.


  1. This is such a cute idea! I picked the Scottie Dog, which I am a little like (I do have a lot of critique partners) but once I read through them all I realized the one that really fits me is the iron. This was a really great idea and fun to read, thanks!

    1. Thanks! I know that my style differs depending on my project, and like regular old horoscopes, these have pieces that apply to most people.

  2. OMG This is brilliant. I haven't played monopoly for years but was drawn to the little boot on the wheel and that is the only one of all of them that describes my writing style perfectly. I used to love reading horoscopes, even though I know it's all vague stuff that could apply to anyone!

    1. It worked! Awesome. I had so much fun writing these, since I've always found horoscopes compelling, despite their flaws.

  3. Okay, don't judge me, but I picked the iron (probably only because I suspect it will be the one retired by Hasbro, and I always feel sorry for the underdog). But in reading your lively and creative write-up of the iron, I hooted with laughter. I'm not a plotter and never have been. I'd say I'm closer to the shoe. Interesting that the shoe could learn something from the iron!

    Very clever, Donna! And I have fond memories of playing Monopoly at about the same age. Picking the token was definitely fun.

    1. I was such an iron for my first book.... I'm trying for more shoe this time!

  4. This was so fun! I always pick either the scottie dog or the shoe, and the combination is, amusingly, a perfect fit. Haha!

    1. Awesome! It's fun when it turns out to be accurate.

  5. This is really cute and fun. Very clever. I chose Top Hat and was amazed at how similar the summary was to my writing pattern. I really do like to set up an atmosphere for my writing! Kudos on this find!

    1. Thanks! From the comments, this post is about 60% accurate. I guess I shouldn't discount a side career as a horoscope writer! :)


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