Tuesday, February 14, 2012

An ex-Hallmark card writer's perspective on Valentine's Day.

Love it, hate it, or just don't care about it, you can't avoid Valentine's Day.

Here's an interesting perspective on the holiday from a guy who wrote Hallmark cards for five years:

Who Really Writes Your Valentine's Cards? Ex Hallmark Writer Shares Greeting Card Secrets

Personally, I favor the offbeat Valentines -- like this one:
(I wish I knew where I found this, so I could give credit, because it's awesome.)

Random tidbit about me: In my senior year of high school, I seriously considered working for the greeting card industry because I loved writing cards so much.

If you care to share --- what's your VDay perspective? Personally, I roll my eyes at the traditional trifecta of chocolates, roses, and jewelry, but I love cards and going out to an especially nice dinner (a couple days before/after Valentine's Day, so it's not a chaotic rush of a night when the only available reservations are 10pm).


  1. Okay, we need more polar bear cards. Like a whole row of them instead of Hallmark.

    Valentine's Day is my birthday, so I get into the whole hearts and flowers and chocolate thing. But I think if it were a random day, I'd still like it. Why not have the excuse to show people you love them?

  2. I think the holiday is a little bit too commercialized. Not that I wouldn't celebrate it, but if I was going to celebrate it I'd want the day to be uniquely special to my and whoever I chose to spend it with. I mean a box of chocolates and roses would not be turned away, but if it was more thoughtful than that, that would be perfect.


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