Thursday, March 15, 2012

Ally Carter and Rachel Hawkins Signing

Last night Donna and I got to meet up with bloggers Jena and Bonnie to go see Ally Carter (Gallagher Girls, Heist Society) and Rachel Hawkins (Hex Hall) who are currently on tour.
Bonnie, Donna, Me and Jena 
Ally and Rachel
And it was SO much fun! Ally and Rachel were really cute telling us how they got off on the wrong train stop in Philly. They knew they were spending the day in Philadelphia, but were supposed to get off in Trenton--which everyone around here KNOWS is in New Jersey, but they didn't. Which I had to say--was hilarious and endearing. Really--if you've never been to're not missing much.

They answered a lot of questions from the audience, but here are a few fun tidbits.

Ally always writes about the only girl in a family that has an unusual, male-dominated family business (spies, thieves) and thinks it's because her family has a cattle ranching business.

Rachel started making up intense heavily plotted stories with her barbies, setting up highly intricate scenarios. And OMG this was ME! As faulty as barbie's look is--I used to set up whole WORLDS with my barbies and usually had some kind of soap opera I'd return to every day.

(Donna addition) Rachel's line was so hilarious I had to write it down: "You didn't want to play Barbies with me because you could not step to what I was bringing."

Rachel based the estate Sophie stays at in Demonglass on the same building used as Pemberley Place in the Kiera Knightly Pride and Prejudice. She ordered a guide book and grounds book and after writing Demonglass, she watched a video tour walking through the building and realized she knew it inside and out and felt like she was seeing the house she imagined living in for so long come to life.

After their talk and Q&A, I had Rachel sign my books (I'm going to another Ally Carter signing tomorrow, so I decided to wait on her). And Rachel was SUPER fun and cute in person. I've been following her/interacting with her online for awhile and she was just as sweet and funny in real life as you'd expect her to be.
Rachel and Me
All in all it was an awesome night! I kind of wanted to just hop on tour with them and hang out more--and also help them navigate Philadelphia and the rest of PA. If they're coming to your town or near your town, you should definitely check them out.

And now...I have books I must read!

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