Thursday, May 3, 2012

Writing is Just Like...

In case you missed it, I'm expecting an itty bitty blogger this July.

While I was driving home from work  last night, I was thinking about my blogger-to-be and how being pregnant is kind of like writing a book. Which lead me to thinking: how many times have I done something, or experienced something, and then later thought, "hey, this reminds me of what it's like to write a book!"?

Except ideas for books don't make you look like you've spent wayyyyyyyyyy too long at the all-you-can-eat buffet.

Well, by browsing through our 600-odd posts, the FNC has compared the writing process to:

--Finishing a bottle of moisturizer


--Starting a critique group

--Going on a blind date

--Color coordinating

--Doing a triathlon

--Picking out the perfect outfit

Plus a few posts that never made it out of draft stage, that compare the writing process to:

--Getting married

--Getting a dog

--Finishing a basement

So clearly, the writing process is something the FNC thinks about a lot. Which I think is a good thing--it means we continued to be engaged in something we love and care about, and trying to relate it to the non-writing parts of our life.

But perhaps it was these posts that were nudging the back of my mind, because I found I just couldn't write my pregnant with baby/pregnant with book metaphor post. I had the structure in my head and everything. But it just didn't feel fresh for some reason. And today, after I thought about my pregnancy post, and why I didn't really want to commit to writing it, I finally pondered upon an answer:

Writing is like everything that matters in your life.

Seriously. Not to say that it's not a unique experience. Because it certainly is. But it's also an all-encompassing one. And whether it be something little, like finishing that bottle of lotion, or something bigger, like finishing your first triathlon, writing is like all of these things because these things matter. They all involve a sense of accomplishment. And a lot of them are life-changing in some way, and so they bring on the same feelings that writing does, because writing a book is a life-changing experience.

So, what have you done that's felt life changing? What does the writing process remind you of?

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