Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Writing Exercise #2: Character Theme Songs!

We've all been hard at work on our WIPs, and Sara has been sending us weekly writing exercises to help us think more broadly about our novels.

Our first exercise, a Character Profile, can be found HERE.

Second exercise (taken directly from Sara's emails to us!): Character Theme Songs!

Consider some things that remind you of your characters or get you in the mood to write about them. One of my favorite things to do is to give my characters a theme song of sorts that either reminds me of them, or a specific part in the story, or their mindset.

Pick/tell us about your character's theme song (for as many characters as you would like.) Explain why you picked the song—include lyrics or YouTube links if you think they'd be helpful!

(Look, a productive excuse to watch YouTube videos!)

For some insight into our answers...

Sara chose Florence & the Machine's "Heavy in Your Arms" to represent a super creepy relationship in her WIP:

Frankie chose Marina & the Diamonds' "Are You Satisfied?" as her antagonist's theme song:

What do you think of this exercise and our choices? Share in the comments your example, if it worked for you, if it didn't, or if there's another exercise that really helps you out with your writing.

Stay tuned for the next exercise, and happy writing!


  1. Oh, I love to let music help inspire me. I'm a HUGE fan of play lists. For my main character, to get into the spirit of what's going on in her life I'd have to choose Amberlin's Feel Good Drag.

    1. Oddly enough, I usually don't listen to playlists for my novels. Anything but meditation music (a la Steve Halpern) distracts me while writing. For my first novel, though, I always seemed to identify my characters/plot twists with No Doubt songs.


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