Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Recommendation and giveaway of THE THEORY OF EVERYTHING!

Fans of A.S. King and Libba Bray, pay attention! Kari Luna's debut, THE THEORY OF EVERYTHING, is a well-written and unique contemporary-with-magic-realism novel that's a cross between Everyone Sees the Ants and Going Bovine.

The deal: Sophie Sophia has begun to experience "episodes" — uncontrollable, vivid, and bizarre hallucinations that, when they're over, leave her back in the real world with a small physical "souvenir" of the event. Her father, an eccentric theoretical physicist, also had the same kinds of episodes, sometimes vanishing for days — until he disappeared for good years before. Sophie is trying to prove that she (and her father) aren't crazy, that these episodes are real ... and figure out how to stop them, as they're inconvenient (to say the least) and could lead to a psych ward. She's joined on her quest by a shaman panda and a physics-obsessed best friend as she travels to NYC to find her father and learn more about his research — even if it means uncovering answers that she never expected.

THE THEORY OF EVERYTHING is quirky, fun, and heartfelt, and I love the accessible-to-non-science-people inclusion of theoretical physics. (Yayyy layman's terms!) And though this novel feels lighter and is very charming, it tackles subjects like parental abandonment and mental illness with the respect they deserve. I definitely recommend it as a great addition to the contemporary YA genre.

THE THEORY OF EVERYTHING is available now! I'm giving away my ARC to one lucky winner below. Happy reading!

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  1. A sheep (I say this because I was born in the year of the sheep) :) This book sounds amazing! I love Libba Bray so it's curious to see her work compared to this. I also love Psych stuff and Physics stuff.

  2. Honestly, what animal is better than a panda to have as a shaman? I guess if I had one, it would probably be a persian cat. :P

  3. Hmm...this book sounds fantastic and nerdy. I'm not a huge animal person but if I could choose,! :D

  4. My shaman animal would be a dolphin because they're awesome


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