Monday, April 27, 2009

Quick and Entertaining Inspiration

You have no excuse for not coming up with your newest character or plot twist with these sites... - My newest discovery. Labeled based on area codes.
Rated: PG-13, R
* (847): I lost my shoes and bra and was beyond mapquesting - Every Sunday, like clockwork. I heart Frank. Sometimes the comments posted make them twice as meaningful.
Rated: PG, PG-13

-----Email Message-----
I see signs of a father who cares. - My favorites are Wednesday One-Liners and anything overheard from transit workers or bums. A great title adds so much.
Rated: G-R
*I'm Gonna Marry That Girl Someday
Four-year-old-boy: And there was a girl. And she had rainbow hair, and rainbow clothes, and a tattoo that was a rainbow, and rainbow socks.
Mother: What about her?
Four-year-old-boy: She picked her nose! - Beyond addictive. (Whether or not the stuff is true.)
Rated: PG, PG-13
*Today, I was taking a nap while my mom was at work. I woke up when she came home and didn't think anything of it so I went back to sleep. When I woke up again, I went downstairs and our 52" plasma screen TV, my xbox 360, and $1500 computer were all stolen. I'm guessing that wasn't my mom. FML

Post a comment with your favorite fun sites, or something especially awesome you found from one of these websites.


  1. You go Donna! You are post-happy tonight!

  2. Yeah... I'm getting a lot of proofreading soon, plus the impending chapter 10... so I figured I'd write about all the ideas bouncing in my head before I disappeared for a couple weeks.


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