Saturday, April 11, 2009

A Writerly Update and Musings

Well Hello new blog! I thought I'd stop in and say hello and write a little somethin-somethin. It's kind of intimidating to come in here and write on this fresh white blank space that I'm sharing with three awesome amazing writers! I'm used to being more random on my own blog.

But I thought I'd let everyone know that I'm currently writing chapter two of my latest draft and I'm having the best time with it. I'm really really excited about this draft and the direction it's going in. And I think that's important.

Writers have a tough line to walk and balance, one of hardwork and one of excitment. An agent at an SCBWI conference once said that if you are not excited about your work, then how can you expect us to be? But when you've been working and reworking and cutting and pasting and revising and editing and deleting and rewriting, sometimes some of that excitement drains. So its important to work hard, but also make sure you retain that fun excited feeling about writing the next sentence or finding out what's going to happen next in a scene (whether you know what's coming or not).

Sometimes when you lose passion for a project it's heartbreaking and it could mean that right now its the wrong project for you, or it could mean that you are approaching things from the wrong angle. I've fortunately been lucky enough to stay passionate about my current work, and I think a part of that is because I'm always willing to experiment and tackle my story from a fresh perspective. The heart of my story stays the same, the plot, the characters and most of the details but the telling changes and I think I've finally found my angle where the story I've been trying to tell is flowing naturally and the excitement over my story is flowing over.

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