Thursday, July 9, 2009

Hey, Writer Magazine Stole Our Idea!

Ok, just kidding. But you should totally check out the August 2009 issue of Writer, which has a great lead story: "Ins & outs of first novels," in which five first-time novelists answer wonderful questions like: "How did you know when the novel was done?" and "Describe how you found and worked with an agent." (None are YA authors, but I don't hold it against them!) 

As a side note: I've been subscribing to Writer for about a year now (I got a 2-year subscription), and I definitely find it a worthy buy, since reading it every month reminds me about craft and the finer points of good writing, so that midway through my novel I don't trail off into horrible blathering paragraphs with too many adverbs or something.

So go grab a copy!

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