Tuesday, July 7, 2009

She Writes

So yesterday my wonderful friend Darlene informed me about She Writes, a social networking site for women writers. It's new, so it's a little rough, but the creators want feedback. The response has been insane, too, with thousands of writers joined already. (I'm one of them!) So go check it out!

I spent July 4th weekend in Boston with Darlene, and now that I'm back I'm working on finishing up chapter 11 by Saturday morning so that the ladies can read it at Sunday's meeting. I've also been spending time working on the text for my high school's view book (a freelance marketing-centered project) and helping my family start packing, which has slowed me down. But I'm determined!

Lovely Boston fireworks:

And we wandered around Cambridge, and I saw this sign and felt compelled to take a picture. Seriously, I think I've been reading one too many vampire novels recently!

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