Thursday, June 2, 2011

Teen Author Carnival Recap

Today is one of those days that end in D.A.Y. and so you know what that means...

Time for another recap!


Sit back, relax, and keep your eyes open because I'm about to take you back in time to two Mondays ago when I arrived in NYC and attended the Teen Author Carnival!

2:30PM Arrive in NYC! Hooray!

2:45PM Use the oh so friendly cab line outside the station and get into my cab. This trip is going so well so far.

2:46PM My cab driver has NO idea where the Teen Author Carnival is.... I tell her it's in NY, she thinks I mean New Jersey...

2:47PM We aim for side streets near the Carnival

2:50PM We have passed the Carnival

2:55PM We are going the wrong way...

3:00PM "I let you off here. You can walk the rest of the way, yes?"

3:01PM I have been booted from my cab!

3:02PM WALKING....

3:15PM Find the Teen Author Carnival! YAY! Find Rachael from The Book Muncher and meet Chelsea Swiggitt. Get coffee!

3:45PM Meet up with so many bloggers, my head explodes....Jenna, Lillie, Anna, Jessica Lawlor, Jamie, Lindsi, Farrah, Casey, Brittney, Carla, Steph Su....and others I'm sure I'm forgetting. Find Jeri Smith-Ready. HUGS!
Frankie, Lillie, Jenna

4:00PM Listen to Mitali and Devyn introduce Lisa Desrochers, the moderator for panel 1: Kick Ass Heroines! YES!
Kick Ass Heroines Panel

Listen to the following authors talk about girls...kicking butt!

1.      Malinda Lo
2.      Andrea Cremer
3.      Michelle Zink
4.      Courtney Allison Moulton
5.      Carole Estby Dagg
6.      Elizabeth Scott  
7.      Michelle Hodkin 
8.  Kirsten Hubbard

Teen Angst Panel

5:15PM Panel 2! Teen Angst, moderated by the amazing Ellen Hopkins. Listen to the following authors...

1.      David Levithan
2.      Susane Colasanti
3.      Melissa Walker
4.      Kody Keplinger
5.      Hannah Moskowitz
6.      Gayle Forman
7.      Torrey Maldonado
8.      Caridad Ferrer

6:15PM Is it hot in here or is it just me? It is SO hot in there!!!!

6:20PM Sneak over to chat with Gayle Forman. Take pictures. Meet her parents.
Me and Gayle

6:30PM Get trapped behind signing table with Gayle.

6:31PM Dirty looks from library staff...

6:32PM Escape!

6:40PM Meet Sandy from Pirate Penguin! Yay! Hug her! She's adorableness personified.

6:45PM Meet Ashley and Keyona. I think Ashley is my biggest Vampire Diaries Recaps fan ever! She nearly bowled me over with her enthusiasm and cuteness and totally made my night!

7:00PM Find Lenore. Take crazy pictures!
Dramatic Lenore and Frankie

7:15PM Meet Kirsten Hubbard! She rocks.

7:30PM Hang with Jeri. Talk to more bloggers and writers.

7:45PM Go in search of dinner with Steph Su, Lindsi, Casey, Brittney, Farrah. Also get to meet Heidi!
Lenore, Me, Steph Su

8:30PM Head towards Bronxville to meet up with FNC Sara and her awesome friend Melissa to crash for the night.

9:30PM Arrive in Bronxville. Phone is frozen. Directions to apartment are on phone. Am lost!


9:45PM Find a pub and convince the Irish bartender to lend me his cell phone.

9:50PM Have directions from Sara

10:00PM Arrive at apartment

10:30PM Discover Sara's sinister plans to wake me up at 5:30AM...

10:31PM Whimper...

10:32PM SLEEP!

Hope you enjoyed! Also you can find more pictures from Teen Author Carnival and BEA in general over at my blog...where there's a contest.

And check out or mega First Novels Club BEA giveaway!

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