Friday, April 13, 2012

Rock the Drop 2012!

For Support Teen Lit Day's Teen Book Drop, I dropped five YA novels by schools in Northeast Philadelphia.

On a park bench on a busy corner,
up the street from a high school.

On a random sidewalk bench by one of the
busiest intersections in the Northeast.

On a low wall half a block from a middle school.

On a bench across the street from a high school,
in a park with a playground & athletic fields.

At a bus stop bench on a busy avenue.
I'm definitely just noticing that I had a one-word-title theme with the books --- and a bench theme!

The most entertaining part of participating was deciding where to drop -- I had a couple ideas, but a lot were last-minute choices. The VARIANT drop was so impulsive that I put my car in park and turned my blinkers on at a red light -- and still made the next green light! And for the ILLUMINATE drop, there was definitely a group of people who saw me do it.... not at all inconspicuous.

Did you Rock the Drop or find any Teen Book Drop books in your area? Let us know in the comments, and link to your TBD pics!


  1. I think if I ran across a book left on a bench I'd leave it because I'd assume someone would remember they lost it and come back. I wouldn't want to steal their book!

    Is there a bookmark in it explaining the book drop? Or maybe a big post it on the front could say Take this - Rock the Drop!

    1. Great question! Yes, we included a bookplate that explained about Rock the Drop and that the book was left for someone to take. You can see it a little in the ILLUMINATE picture, peeking out of the top of the book.


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