Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The dreaded one-page synopsis.

G-chat conversation between Frankie and I:
Me: Synopsis... aughhhhh
Frankie: haha yep
Me: trying to write it now.... on the upside, i only have one main character this time, not three
Frankie: right, so that makes it simple
Me: I want to believe that so badly
So I tackle the synopsis, keep it to one page single-spaced, and send it to the FNC ladies for critique. I'm feeling pretty good about myself ... when I get back Frankie's suggestions for rewording. She blew me out of the water, and thanks to her, I now have a fabulous synopsis.

And this is why you have critique partners!


  1. I've been avoiding writing that dreaded one page synopsis. I guess I should just buckle down and write it...

    1. The only reason I wrote my synopsis now was for a writing conference application! Of course, my draft was over-detailed and semi-snoozeworthy, but luckily I had Frankie to make it catchy and concise! Best of luck with yours!

  2. Amazing partnership! I am sure both of you are creative in writing a synopsis. Nice post. Good luck to both of you.

    1. Honestly, I don't know what I'd do without my CPs! Each of us has different strengths, so we balance each other out. Frankie's definitely Queen of the Synopsis, but I'm working on improving!


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