Wednesday, July 11, 2012

This Writing Life

HUSBAND notices that WRITER-WIFE is still typing away.
Are you coming to bed anytime soon?

I want to, but words keep coming out of my fingertips.

Alright then, keep it up! I'll be a house-husband soon.

I sat down at the computer last night to save my WIP and go to sleep, but instead, I started writing the scene I'd been stuck on earlier. I'd say this is a good problem for any writer to have, but it can be hazardous for the day job.

And the "house husband" comment? The hubby has said that, when my writing career takes off and I'm spending all my time perfecting soon-to-be-#1-bestselling novels and traveling to a plethora of signings and events to meet my adoring fans from around the world, he'll be more than happy to be my stay-at-home husband. If only! But you're supposed to aim high with your dreams, right?

Anyone else have the problem of the creative juices flowing just when you should STOP writing?

My theory is that the pressure to be productive dissipates near the end of a writing session, so of course my brain starts to work then! This means that I either (a) lose sleep or (b) arrive late to something, because I refuse to waste good writing mojo!

PS - Anyone ever try their hand at scriptwriting? It's a totally different beast from novels, and I took a scriptwriting course in college that totally opened my eyes to the challenges of ONLY showing, not telling.

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