Wednesday, September 5, 2012

In which I steal Ian Somerhalder's cheese.

When you spend two weeks copyediting a guide to gourmet cheeses and mix in a brief twitter conversation with Frankie about the upcoming Vampire Diaries season premiere ... dreams can get strange.

I was in a tiny NYC apartment, and I lived next door to Ian Somerhalder. Somehow, there was a hole in the shared wall between our apartments, and I reached through and grabbed a bag of cheese —

Specifically, this bag of cheese:
Soooo not gourmet. But still yummy.

— from his mini fridge and stole it. Ian then came over and was very, very angry that I stole his cheese.
Nobody steals my cheese cubes.
And then... I woke up.

Should I chalk it up to the perils of freelance copyediting before bed?  Maybe. But why couldn't I have dreamt that Ian Somerhalder was feeding me gourmet cheese? Now that's a good dream.

Can anyone top me in the absurd work-related dream category? And who else is excited about the Vampire Diaries premiere?! Leave it in the comments!

Vampire Diaries Season Premiere Preview


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