Thursday, September 13, 2012

We shall retreat! AGAIN! In the retreatiest cottage ever.

You guys might remember our epic writing retreat weekend last April — you know, 38,000 words written, farm animals galore, general hijinks, and hot tub goodness? Well, we're doing it again!

The first weekend in November, the FNC will escape to a 1700s stone farmhouse called Lincoln-Boone Country Cottage for another productive weekend of word wars and more food than you can imagine.

For real, guys, THIS IS THE RETREAT COTTAGE. It's so very retreat-y, right?
And it's older than Jane Austen. Jane would totally be like,
(Apparently, the Amish neighbor sells sticky buns that are to die for. We'll have to investigate.)

So there aren't any hot tubs or farm animals... but there are oak trees and wisteria and a wishing well and apparently a wonderful view of the valley.

That would be a wishing well.
*Please oh please let my characters cooperate*
The drive up to the cottage. Talk about secluded!
And guess who's joining us ... again! Baby Robin! Last time, he was all cozied up in Sara's belly, but this time, he'll be 3 months old and napping away while we word war. 

You'd be napping, right, Robin?
Anyway, we've all been working furiously on our WIPs (except for Sara, but she gets the Newborn Exception), and we're so excited for this weekend away to give an extra boost to our productivity.

Just like last time, we found this lovely (and super, super affordable) cottage via, so grab your writing buddies and schedule a retreat of your own!


  1. So awesome that you all do that Donna. Have a great, productive time.

  2. Wow! Have a terrific time! And happy writing to all (hope Robin cooperates).

    I'm jealous. Affordable, you say? Hmm...

  3. That place looks like it was just built for writing! Have a wonderful time.


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