Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Why Michelangelo would've made a great critique partner.

We FNC ladies have been quite prolific lately, and we're all closing in on a major critique-a-thon, since our individual WIPs are just about ready for a second (and third, and fourth) set of eyes. 

Frankie sent some chapters our way last night, and then we had this Gchat conversation, which reminded me of the importance of critique partners during revision ...
Me: One more night, and I'll be ready to send you my first three chapters.
Frankie: Woo! So excited!
Me: I can't wait to read yours. Let's tear each other's work apart and make it AWESOME.
Frankie: Sounds like a plan to me!!!
Only with trusted critique partners can you be THAT excited at the prospect of getting a returned Word document chock full of comments and lengthy suggestions for revision. It's the knowledge that the CP knows and loves your work as much as you do, and with that passion will help you transform it into the best novel possible.

This reminds me of the famous Michelangelo quote: "I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free." 

That's a perfect metaphor for revising, except that your critique partners are your marble-carving buddies. They see that angel too, even when the rest of the world sees a block of stone, and they won't stop until the marble angel reflects your vision exactly.

Anyway, I'm feeling all kinds of warm and fuzzies toward my critique group, and I wanted to share the CP (and revision) love! Share yours in the comments!


  1. I feel you. I'm just about ready for a little critique love (more like tough love). I'm still pretty new to the game—I only have my best friend from high school (a fellow writer) and a new writer friend to dissect my work. The first time I got my "suggestions" back it was hard. Now I can't wait! I just hope they have time to squeeze me in with the upcoming holiday rush. Good luck to you!

    1. It's all about the tough love! Glad you have good people to critique your work — and two are plenty for the first round. Good luck as well!

  2. Awesome that you have a great group. I have one critique partner who is really good but we don't submit as much as I'd like. I'm planning to try to start another critique group (my old one broke up) after the first of the year.

    1. We were very lucky to find one another, and to be able to evolve as a group as our lives have changed over the past four years. Hope you build an awesome new crit group!


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