Monday, November 19, 2012

The retreatiest retreat ever! In pictures!

The first weekend in November, we escaped to our favorite little cottage in rural Pennsylvania for a writing retreat. Once again, we found ourselves ridiculously productive ... except for when we allowed ourselves to be distracted by the cuteness that is Sara's baby Robin, who was in the womb the last time we retreated, but who joined us for the first official time!

Here's a photo recap of the non-writing parts of the weekend because, let's face it, photos of writers staring intently at laptops are kinda boring.

Farm-fresh eggs from our hosts!

Plus, fresh-picked daisies and delicious homemade
lemon-poppyseed loaves!

I might've started off my Saturday with leftover Halloween candy...
breakfast of champions.

Frankie playing with Robin in between writing sessions.

Such a cute little man!

The farm!
(Not pictured: a horse, two other goats, 
a few chickens, and two friendly barn cats.)

We've officially decided that these retreats are golden writing times. We get to reconnect as friends and critique partners, and we also are able to let our writing take front-and-center priority for 48 hours. This retreat involved drafting, revising, and even re-imagining our WIPs. 

Like a writing conference, writing retreat weekends are totally revitalizing, and we all left excited to keep writing. Since that weekend, we've been emailing a lot more about our work, and our productivity has continued to be above-average. We're definitely making this a biannual tradition!

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