Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Top Five: NYC Teen Author Festival 2013

Last Friday, I headed to New York for my first-ever Teen Author Festival experience, and here are my Top 5 favorite things from the weekend:

1. Adding to my TBR pile

Of the week's worth of events, I was able to attend the Friday night Reader's Theatre and all of Saturday's panels/events (Defying Description: Tackling the Many Facets of Identity in YA; New Voices Spotlight; Under Many Influences: Shaping Identity When You’re a Teen Girl; Born This Way: Nature, Nurture, and Paranormalcy; and The Next Big Thing).

Of course, I wanted to buy ALL THE BOOKS, but three that really stood out were:

Eleanor & Park - Rainbow Rowell

The Art of Wishing - Lindsay Ribar

Ask the Passengers - A.S. King

These books, in particular, grabbed my attention not because of their descriptions or covers, but because of their authors. I was able to hear Rainbow, Lindsay, and Amy talk about their books, about how they write, and about their characters, and their energy and love for these stories totally sold me.

I also heard readings from Ask the Passengers, which reminded me how much I love A.S. King's sense of humor, and from Eleanor & Park, whose characters leaped off the page through a simple conversation. (It helped that the scene was acted out by multiple authors in Friday's fantastic Reader's Theatre event.) And I was totally charmed by Lindsay's description of The Art of Wishing, which promises modern-day genies and swoony kisses. What more could you want?

2. NY Firsts

I can hardly believe it, but after going to NYC multiple times per year for bookish events, this was the first time I was in the gorgeous New York Public Library (in which I managed to take pictures of architecture but not a single book) and the also-gorgeous Grand Central Station (sadly, no photos taken).

Plus, I wandered — and enjoyed yummy hot chocolate at —the excellent indie McNally Jackson Books and tackled the subway multiple times by myself, without getting lost, which is a win in my book!

3. YA Author Love
It was wonderful to see so many authors, both debut and well-established, get together to talk about YA novels and bounce ideas off one another. I pretty much think they're the best group of people, ever. Even during the panels with more serious topics, there were always plenty of laughs, and I loved the camaraderie and approachability of everyone involved.
PANEL: Under Many Influences: Shaping Identity When You’re a Teen Girl
(L to R) Katie Sise, Kathryn Williams, 
Jen Calonita,
Hilary Weisman Graham
(blocked, but present!), Deborah Heiligman,Amy Spalding, Kody Keplinger, (moderator) Terra Elan McVoy
PANEL: Born This Way: Nature, Nurture, and Paranormalcy(L to R: Lindsay Ribar, Jeri Smith-Ready, Jessica Spotswood,
Alexandra Monir, Maya Gold, Gina Damico, Jessica Brody)
(not shown)
Moderator: Adrienne Maria Vrettos

4. David Levithan

David deserves his own number, without question. Every time I've met him at an event or signing, I've thought more and more highly of him, and it's abundantly clear how well-respected he is, as both an editor and author of YA lit. In addition to being totally personable, humble, and friendly, David is hilarious. I laughed out loud at some (highly unpublishable) comments he made at the TAF events, and through all of the panels, his love for YA was evident (and infectious).

5. New friends & reunions

As always, my favorite part of bookish events — besides the books — is the people. I loved seeing familiar faces (too many to name!) and making new friends (my Pershing Square Cafe dinner crew). It makes me even more excited for BEA in a couple months!

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  1. Loved this recap. I can live vicariously through you. Can you believe that each time I've been to the New York Public Library, I see a ton of beautiful architecture but can't for the life of me figure out where the books are? I am such a NYPL noob. The names of the panels and events that you got to attend are enough to inspire envy through the very mention of their name. And the YA world needs more intelligent, respectable, passionate people like David Levithan. He doesn't command the social media space like some other YA authors do, but everything he says or writes is with such conviction of his beliefs.


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