Friday, April 12, 2013

Seven TV addictions I credit to the YA blogosphere

Last night, I binge-watched the final 15 videos of The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, and I realized that, once again, I could credit my rabid fandom to the YA blogosphere.

I constantly read blog posts and tweets and witness real-life squeeing over incredible TV shows, and eventually, I just need to know what all the fuss is about. So I watch. And become addicted.

Tallying it up, you guys have peer pressured me into watching SEVEN different TV shows. (Do you know how many hours that is??) And I regret not a single one.

What can I say? You guys have excellent taste.

Now it's time to pass on the peer pressure, in the order I caved to each show's greatness.

1. Firefly
A longtime Whedon fangirl (from Buffy-the-movie to Buffy-the-TV-show to Angel and Dollhouse), I knew I had to quiet my "Sci-fi/Western what?" reservations and give this show a try, especially considering how rabid the fans are. It wasn't love-at-first-episode, but it didn't take much past episode 2 to fall in love with these characters and remember that EVERYTHING that Joss Whedon does has the best dialogue ever. (Including Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog.)

2. Veronica Mars
Oh, Veronica. Once you adjust to the oh-so-telling monologues, you'll fall in love with this sassy outcast-with-a-zoom-lens. For a much more in-depth love letter, check out my Open Apology to Veronica Mars. Needless to say, I own all 3 seasons and donated to the VM movie Kickstarter the moment I heard about it.

3. Sherlock
Surly, brilliant, socially ignorant British men, how I love you (and your sidekick). That is all.

4. Awkward.

I'll credit this addiction solely to the ladies at Forever YA, who got me hooked halfway through the first season. Anyone who loved Easy A will find Awkward's shenanigans totally entertaining. I'm gearing up for season three this Tuesday!
5. Downton Abbey
I started Downton after season 2 ended, but the only reason I didn't start when I first heard the Season One gushing was that I just knew I'd fall in love, and I didn't have the time to get addicted. Basically, I delayed my obsession for more than a year, and then I let the first two seasons take over my life in December. It was wonderful.

6. Game of Thrones
Like Downton, the rest of the world has caught up on the awesome that is Game of Thrones, but I heard about it from the YA world first. I started watching last year while I had free HBO for three months, but this season marks the first time I've ever paid for a premium channel subscription (*shakes fist at cable company*) ... and it's totally worth it.

7. The Lizzie Bennett Diaries
Lizzie, oh Lizzie. This genius adaptation of Pride and Prejudice was everything I hoped for. P&P purists may scoff at the modern times and American actors, but it was done so, so well. I didn't begin until it was almost over, and I caught up by watching 1-2 hours of episodes at a time. The episodes only get better as LBD progressed. Loved it!  

Addictions I already had
(but would have acquired otherwise):
My So-Called Life

The one that got away:
Friday Night Lights
I tried the first three or so episodes .... and I just wasn't hooked. FNL fans, should I try again? At what point did you fall in love?

My TBA (To-Be-Addicted) list:
Dr. Who
Freaks and Geeks

Spill it! What addictions do we share? Anything I should add to my TBA list?


  1. Friday Night Lights is one of my FAVOURITE shows ever (Firefly being one of the others), so I definitely think you should give it a chance! I guess it's hard to say, because not everyone can like the same things... It does have a bit of a slower pace at times, but I dare you not to fall in love with the characters. So amazing! (If it helps I LOVE all 7 of those shows you mentioned)

    Also YAY for Doctor Who, because that is another awesome show, particularly the seasons with the 10th Doctor.

    1. Alright, one vote for retrying FNL! I'll give it a few more episodes, especially since we seem to be on the same TV-lovin level. And Dr. Who will be next!

  2. DEFINITELY give FNL another try! It is my all-time favourite show and the more you watch it, the more you love it. It's slow burn in the best way :)

    1. Two votes for FNL! I love a more slowly addictive show — Firefly and Veronica Mars were like that for me, too.

  3. So glad you discovered the love of Firefly. It's by far my favorite Whedon.

    Veronica Mars is the best, and if that movie is not awesomeness, I will weep openly and kick myself for donating to the Kickstarter.

    Sherlock: still need to see.

    Awkward I did not even know about. This needs to happen. I bet it's not on Watch Instantly, though. *cries*

    Downton is the BEST. So melodramatic but I don't even care. Season 3 is crazy. Be ready for feels.

    1. Firefly ... I just want to hug that show. The 10th anniversary panel at ComicCon made me so happy.
      I have to trust that the VM movie will be wonderful!
      MTV might have Awkward available On Demand or on their site, especially since they're promoting the new season -- fingers crossed! If not, just read the Forever YA recaps to catch up!
      Don't you worry - I watched Downton season 3 in real time, madly texting Joanne (at My Brain on Books) during each episode. So many feels!


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