Monday, March 10, 2014

Katy Perry & Bella Swan: The Sequel!

Back in May of 2011, I pondered if Katy Perry and Bella Swan were secretly critique partners, because Katy Perry's song "E.T." seriously sounded like it was pulled straight out of Twilight.

Well, it looks like Katy Perry's at it again. This time her song is called "Dark Horse," and when I hear it, the only thing I imagine is this face:

Except, maybe more like this:

Or this...

That's right. I'm pretty sure "Dark Horse" is the sequel of their critique partnership, except this time she's not writing the story about Edward...she's writing it about Jacob.

This is how I imagine this going down. Like last time, I'm highlighting the lyrics of the song in red, so you can see what part is me and what part is the original song. Enjoy! 

(And if you haven't heard this song yet, scroll down to the bottom of the post to see the video. Please ignore the ridiculous misappropriation of Egyptian mythology & culture.)


Jacob walked up to Bella, smirk playing on his dusky lips. "I knew you were," he said. "You were gonna come to me. And here you are." He tossed his wet hair from his face. "But you better choose carefully, cause I'm capable of anything."

"Of anything," Bella breathed. "And everything."

She let Jacob pull her close. Rivulets of rain ran from his slick hair down neck, soaking his shirt and revealing his muscled, broad chest. "Make me your Aphrodite," she teased, but another part of wondered--what if?

"Make me your one and only," Jacob replied, pushing her away. "But don't make me your enemy, Bella." He pointed to the right, the path to Edward's house. "So you wanna play with magic? You should know what you're falling for."

Bella looked away. A part of her knew Jacob was right. Edward was dangerous. All the Cullens were. "But do you dare to do this?" She asked. Was he really going to fight Edward for her?

"I'm coming at you like a dark horse," Jacob stared at her, and she shivered. Or a wolf, she thought.

Thunder rumbled in the clouds above the reservation. The rain would come soon again. Jacob reached for her, pulling Bella against his chest once more. "Are you ready for a perfect storm?"

"A perfect storm," she repeated, whispering.

He leaned in, pressing his face against hers. "Cause once you're mine, there's no going back." His breath brushed hot against her cheek. "Mark my words, Bella. This love will make you levitate. Like a bird without a cage. You don't need Edward's magic when I have my own."

Bella blinked. "I don't know, Jacob. I'm down to earth. What if I choose to walk away?" But could she? Could she walk away from her best friend? Especially when he could give her everything Edward could--and he wasn't afraid to touch her like he was.

He arms tightened around her. "Don't walk away." His lips trailed across her neck and she gasped. "It's in the palm of your hand now, baby," he whispered against her skin. "It's a yes or a no."


"No maybe."

She could feel herself melting against him. Her resolve, her thoughts of Edward, everything was being washed away by the rain that had begun to fall. All she was left with was Jacob. His love. His arms wrapped around her. His lips, so impossibly close to hers. "I just need to be sure, Jake, before I give it up to you..."

He touched a finger to her lips. "Give it up to me." And then his mouth was on hers.

Annnnd, end scene! I hope you enjoyed Katy Perry & Bella Swan's second critique session as much as I did. Let's hope they go for a trilogy!

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  1. "I'm coming at you like a dark horse," Jacob stared at her, and she shivered. Or a wolf, she thought.

    ALL the LOLS! Love this so much!


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