Thursday, June 25, 2009

Confusion Over The Weather

While I spend my days slaving away (well not really) at summer camp in the heat, and my hours consist of being in the sun, going in pools, and drinking lemonade-my nights (lately) have consisted of writing about the fall turning into winter, chilling cold, frosty nights and the onset of snow. And it's seriously messing with my head.

I got so caught up in my November weather that when I signed onto facebook and found someone commenting about the heat, I was like, "WTF? It's cold!" and then I went, "Oooooh!"

And today, I clicked on one of my favorite vegan shoe websites and started looking at and dreaming about new boots....when what I should be looking at are sandals.

Anyway, just wondering what strange experiences you've had concerning getting so lost in your book that when you put the pen down, or remove your hands from the keyboard you're like, "ummm hey what? Excuse me, where am I? Who am I?"

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