Friday, June 26, 2009

Ok I Give Up Sometimes They Do Know What's Best

In my ongoing quest to discover the very core of the mysteries of writing-something that will most definitely remain a mystery until I'm dead and even then I doubt I'll have the answers, there has been another twist in the plot of the ongoing battle between authorial dictatorships, plot and characters.

The battle for Chapter 7 ended in these results- Characters: 0, Frankie: 1
The battle for Chapter 8 ended in these results- Characters: 0, Frankie: 2

Oooh I love when I'm winning things!

Anyway the battle for Chapter 9, 10, was Characters-zilch. Frankie-FOR THE WIN!

Except that ever since I finished chapter 10 I've had this wierd feeling-kind of sad and unsettled, this yucky feeling I get when I don't write or I think my writing is crap or I've just fallen into a plothole and help I can't get out!

I looked over everything twice, made a few modest adjustments but things still didn't feel right. But I figured, whatever plow forward! Full speed ahead, finish this draft at least and then you can make it right.

But it wasn't working and I knew it in my soul! So I took a break, laid down and relaxed and thought and thought and then it came to me!!!! I had all of my events in the wrong order!!!

My romantic leads decided to get a little hot and heavy a few scenes prematurely and this was one case where I felt...yeah...this just seems right and it doesn't destroy what I planned for X Y and Z plot points to follow after. But I was having trouble understanding how they got to this point-like I had missed a step somehow...

And here was my revelation. I was planning to write hot and heavy+X+Y+Z but I was totally wrong! It's supposed to be X+Y+Z+Kiss=perfection. So I guess I have my characters to thank for this because this is one case of them taking things in a slightly off beat and premature direction and then actually showing me that if I listen to them, their way is kind of right.

But I'm still in charge-aren't I?



  1. Why am I not at all surprised that you wanted them to get hot and heavy EARLIER in the book than the should've? Now I know you love your characters and their sexual tension, but show some self-control, woman! teehee.


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