Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sara's Wedding!!!

So I just got back from Sara's wedding! And it was sooo much fun. Finally, Donna and I were reunited with our two long lost brides, Sara and Janine-the new Mrs. Burgan. Sara looked so beautiful and romantic and her entire wedding felt very intimate and comfortable, it was just so casual and easygoing, like Sara herself.
And here are some pictures!!

The Newlyweds!!

Beautiful Sara!

Janine is back! Here's Mr. and Mrs. Burgan

Me with Dr. Wertime, one of my favorite writing instructors at Arcadia and his son Geoff, who runs the Gay in Public Blog!
Janine and Donna!
Donna and Steve

It was a perfect day! So Sara go have an awesome honeymoon, but when you come back, we hope you're ready to write!!! :-)

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