Monday, December 28, 2009

In Which I Challenge Donna to Revise!

So last night over at my other blog Frankie Writes, Donna decided to challenge me to finish my revision of my WIP by midnight on January 1st (this was my goal, but I wasn't quite making it happen and so Donna gave me a little push).

I still have 10 chapters to go and finishing this challenge is kind of....well it's going to be a miracle if I complete it. And of course there are stakes involved....

If I complete the challenge, we're going to make a vlog of Donna attemping to bake me a vegan cake-something she's never done before (also she can't bake) and so I'm sure it'll be hilarious--also hopefully tasty. If I don't complete the challenge :( I have to film myself completely acting out a scene from Clueless--like I do all of the dialogue for everyone, voice overs, etc....

SO, I'm here to offer a challenge to Donna in return! Yay!

So Donna (who just recently completed her draft of her WIP) needs to finish revising by midnight on January 5th.

This is tough because Donna just started revisions.

But not so bad, because Donna's rough drafts are really really clean!

So to offer a little incentive and excitmeent...if Donna completes her challenge, I'll perform an interpretive dance of her novel (never thought I'd say this but I hope she fails).

AND if Donna fails...I'm going to videotape her totally acting and singing her favorite scene of Beauty and the Beast--hehehehe! This shall be endlessly entertaining!

Ok so wish Donna lots of luck (because she's awesome and because you want to see me make a fool of myself dancing) but if you really want to see her reenactment of Beauty and the Beast---you know what to do.

Either way someone wins! Someone is entertained and WIPs get revised!!!

Challenge has been issue--now GO!


  1. Frankie, what's Donna's novel about? 'Cause I need to know how to evaluate the interpretive dance, and all, right? I mean, it could be a quest for the perfect joint, meeting up with friendly Rastafarians and Ben Harper, which would totally bugger my mental image of James Hetfield playing a harmonica and attempting the Downward Dog....

    Either way, go you guys! (Was that a generic enough cheer? Okay, good. Thanks.)

  2. Good luck guys! I'll be waiting for the youtube video :P

  3. OMG, all of these challenges and dares and contests are making me think I should back down from commenting and getting to know any of you people even a little bit, even over the Internets, for fear that I will be sucked into all of this...eek!

    But an interpretive dance of a novel? That might just be better than Clueless.

  4. Seriously, this will take a minor miracle!!! But either way (for both of us), the video results should be very very entertaining for you guys.

    Simon, my novel isn't nearly that crazy, but the supreme drama and fun of girls in high school should give Frankie plenty to work with.

    Thanks, Sena!

    Heather - I'm pretty sure you're safe on Frankie's personal blog (as long as you don't start daring other people to do things, because they seem to enjoy exacting revenge), but any challenge/dare issued here will be solely between the FNC members. We love your comments! And if I have things MY way... Frankie will be doing BOTH the interpretive dance and Clueless performance. :)


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