Tuesday, December 8, 2009

It's MAGNETIC KAMA SUTRA Day! A little lesson on NOT being yourself.

About a year ago, I channeled a wanton sex goddess.
No, not Bridget Jones.

But little old me was asked to write the 32-page text for a Running Press Mega Mini Kit called Magnetic Kama Sutra. Yep, that Kama Sutra.

If you click on that little "And I did" link, you can read about that fun process, but TODAY you can buy your very own!

(Only if you're 18 or older, of course. I don't want any angry parents sending me hate mail!)

The Very Official Description: Is it time to spice up your sex life? Forget the usual bedroom song and dance—introduce yourself to the kama sutra that will never leave you bored. This delightful and playful kit includes 69 silver and gold men and women magnets in naughty positions, a magnetic base, and a 32-page book to learn a variety of new and mischievous positions. It’s the perfect gag gift for a friend, accessory for an office desk, or treat for you! Put this kit to work now, and your partner will be thanking you later.

If you look closely, you can see the little artist's figures in a couple compromising positions on the flaps of the box.

Very Official (and Exclusive) Excerpt from the Introduction: "No matter what, this kit is sure to stimulate the erotic genius within, so step away from the computer, drop your remote, and silence your cell phone—or better yet, switch it to vibrate mode—and get ready for one naughty history lesson."

BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE! Each of the positions comes with a suggestion for a location and a saucy little extra. Yowza.


This occasion inspired me to post briefly about how writing is like acting... except you can be a bestselling author and still eat Twinkies, which is why our profession is SO much better.

Take that, actors.

What do actors do? They pretend to be people they aren't. They bring characters to life. But who creates those characters? Writers.

[Heck yes we do.]

I've never been a parent, or a teenage boy, or biracial --- but I create these (hopefully) full-fledged people from air on a daily basis. And to do that properly, I have to shed 95% of myself. I have to hold on to basic human experience and emotion, but everything else I let go to embody another mindset. Isn't that acting?

There's a part of me that's a wee bit bashful about Magnetic Kama Sutra. Sure, it's funny, but I can't pretend it's not Cosmo-style explicit. (Playful, not tasteless. It has little silhouette magnets of people in naughty positions! I'm giggling all over the place here!) But I have to remind myself to be proud of how much I had to stretch my everyday self to write MKS. Honestly, as silly as the kit is, it helped me grow as a writer. I read MKS recently, and I loved it--but I could hardly believe that I wrote it.

See, there's my name and everything! (The boyfriend volunteered to model it.)

And that's the awesome part. I get to have multiple personalities, and instead of being committed, someone PAYS ME FOR IT. Writing rocks. Next up, I'm aiming to be paid for my YA novel (you know, something my grandmom can brag about to her friends), but I wouldn't say no to MORE Magnetic Kama Sutra -- The Saucy Sequel!

So hop on over to Borders, Barnes & NobleAmazon, or IndieBound and buy one for yourself!
And there are world rights, people, so our readers in the UK, Canada, India, New Zealand, Japan, South Africa, France, Germany, and even Estonia and Latvia (!) can buy one too!

Everybody'll be gettin' frisky this holiday season!

Somebody back me up here: What character have you written that's farthest from yourself? Anyone see a copy of Magnetic Kama Sutra in the wild?


  1. Congratulations Donna! I think this would be the perfect gift for a bachelorette! Laura is planning a party for her friend this spring and she's going to be all over this. And how cool to see your name in print!

  2. Congratulations. Have you signed a copy and given to people?

    Kate x

  3. Congrats Donna!!!!

    LiLa this is the PERFECT bachelorette gift!

    Kate, I'm giving away two copies on my blog www.frankiediane.blogspot.com this week. Maybe Donna will grace me with signatures for my two kits!

  4. Congrats! That's great. What a fun gift for a bachelorette party. hehehe

    Lynnette Labelle

  5. Thanks everyone!

    LiLa - Bachelorette gift AND a funny Valentine's Day gift for your friends. It's so funny to be able to search my own name on bookseller web sites.

    Kate - I actually haven't signed any yet. But I'm planning on having the five or so floating around be worth something someday! (I can just see the tabloid expose when I become rich and famous.)

    Frankie, Janine, and Steve - The kit wouldn't be half as funny without your help and input!

    Lynnette - Welcome to the blog! Thanks so much.

  6. Oooh, looks fabulous! Will definitely make a stop at B&N! BTW, I love your analogy! I've often compared writing to acting. I think the only difference is we write the lines!

  7. Many things are being created based on the film Kamasutra. I find it not good because it is an insult towards Indian cultures. We should respect it because it is their own culture that they should portray in their daily living.

  8. Hi, I'm trying to find you on facebook!!!

  9. is there anyway to get just your mini book (in bulk??)


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