Thursday, December 10, 2009

Twisted Christmas Contest: Win ARCs of Fallen and Hush, Hush!

Christmas is all about the warm and fuzzies: swaddled manger baby Messiahs, sparkly gifts, carolers, twinkly lights, and tree-shaped cookies galore. Did we mention angels?

Bear with us for a wee bit o' FNC math:
IF Cherubic Angels + Baby Jesus = Merry Christmas,
THEN Fallen Angels + Tragic Romance = Twisted Christmas

That wasn't so bad, was it?

The FNC's Twisted Christmas involves two little books called Hush, Hush and Fallen. Have you heard of them?

Seriously, two of the most delicious covers of the year.

So if you weren't lucky enough to win The Story Siren's Angels are HOT Contest, you get a second chance right here!

The Rules:
1. Become a follower if you aren't already. (Hi, followers -- We love you guys!)

2. Comment on this post about your favorite part of any and all winter holidays. Or leave us your favorite quote from a Christmas movie. Or your favorite gift to give or receive. We don't care, as long as it's festive!

Wasn't that easy? Oh, you want extra chances to win?

+1 - Spread the word! (Sidebar, blog post, Facebook, Twitter, morse code, carrier pigeon, smoke signals, etc.)
+1 - Comment on our Hush, Hush co-review (our very first co-review!)
+1 - Comment on our interview with Becca Fitzpatrick (from before she was a bestselling author)
(For a total of four entries.)

Contest ends 12/25 at 11:59pm EST.

The Fine Print:
Contest is open worldwide. Winner will be contacted by email at the close of contest. If you do not leave your email address in your comment, it is your responsibility to check back at the FNC blog to see if you've won. You have 72 hours to claim your prize, or an alternate winner will be chosen.

Want more to win? The FNC's also hosting a Dark Divine giveway ending 12/15. Frankie's giving away two copies of Donna's Magnetic Kama Sutra mini kit over at her blog. And we've listed a ton of contests from around the blogosphere over on our righthand sidebar. Yayyyyy free stuff!


  1. +1 My favourite gift to receive during Christmas is just time with my mum and little doggie Goofy :)

    Follower of your blog

    +1 commented on Hush Hush co-review

    +1 commented on your interview of Becca Fitzpatrick.

    +1 tweeted:

  2. I've been entering every contest I can find for these books, I'm SO desperate!

    My favorite gift at Christmas time is probably seeing what other people think of my presents. I fret constantly over if they'll like it or if they'll buy it before I can give it to them. (Which has happened to me on a birthday once.)

    +1 Replied to the co-review
    +1 commented on the interview
    +1 Tweeted

  3. My favorite thing about Christmas is no school. No deadlines, no papers, no tests. This makes for a much happier (and much less stressed) me. I can spend all day reading a book by the light of the Christmas tree, drinking hot chocolate. Time to spend with relatives and friends. Almost there...

  4. I love giving gifts to the people I love and my favorite holiday movie is The Nightmare Before Christmas. :)

    +1 sidebar
    +1 commented on Hush Hush review
    +1 commented on interview

  5. I love giving books for Christmas. My younger siblings always have books they are too cheap to buy themselves, so I'll give them as gifts during the holidays. My sister always gets the newest Kate Brian novel! :)

    +1 linked to sidebar @
    +1 linked on Twitter (@thehidingspot)
    +1 review comment
    +1 interview comment

    Sara @ The Hiding Spot

  6. I'd love to play please!

    I'm already a follower.

    My fav gift to give and receive is books!

    +1 review comment
    +1 interview comment


  7. +1 sidebar link
    +1 twitter link (@faeriexflash)
    +1 commented on the co-review (it was really good!)
    +1 commented on the interview as well

    I've decided not to leave my email on comments anymore...but my email is on my profile page, should I be lucky enough to win :)

  8. Hi :)
    Thank you for the opportunity to win.
    I've wanted an ARC of Hush, Hush ever since I discovered the ending is different in the ARC than in the finished novel.

    Favorite quote from a Christmas movie: "Every time a bell rings, an angel gets his wings."

    +1 Posted on blog for my 5am EST Dec 10th post.

  9. I'm so glad I follow :)

    My favorite part of winter holidays would be playing in the SNOW!!
    Merry Christmas!!!

    sena.sagani [at] gmail [dot] com

  10. +1 follower
    +1 For this Christmas I really wish this Shakespeare book/dvd thing I saw in a bookstore. I reallu hope I get it. :)
    I wish you have a great christmas. At least I am going to have one in very snowy and cold Finland. :)


  11. +1 Twt:

    sena.sagani [at] gmail [dot] com

  12. +1 - Commented on Hush, Hush co-review
    +1 - Commented on interview with Becca Fitzpatrick

    sena.sagani [at] gmail [dot] com

  13. Wow, these books look great and I love me a contest, so....

    +1 for my pimping post ( which I tweeted as well (@onepushyfox)

    +1 for comment on Hush, Hush co-review

    +1 for comment on interview with Becca Fitzpatrick.

  14. I love hot cocoa and Christmas music!!
    cfisher1504 at gmail dot com

  15. Please count me in! I'm a follower. My favouritest part of christmas is the break from work!!

    Re-posted your contest at:

    mischivusfairy-inbox12 [at] yahoo [dot] com

  16. Hey Great contest. I am already a follower

    My favorite part of the holidays is getting in a new pair of pj's and going to look at Christmas lights with a box of donuts and some coffee with my family. Its a tradition.

    +1 Spread the word. Posted on my blog Cleverlyinked,
    +1 Posted on hush hush co-review
    +1 posted on interview

  17. I'm a follower!

    My favorite winter holiday is obviously Christmas! It's gotten to be a whole new thing since having a child. :)

    + 1 Sidebar

  18. Yay! I'm a follower and my favorite part of Christmas is when my sisters and mom come over. We each make at least one holiday treat until we have piles of goodies. Then, we deliver them (along with my other family) as we carol! :) Cheesy, but (like most cheeses) delicious!

  19. I love chilling out to watch Christmas movies after we've taken care of all the "business" of Christmas. The holiday just isn't complete without seeing A Christmas Story, It's a Wonderful Life, and Christmas Vacation.

    I'm already a follower. Loving this blog!

    +1 commented on interview

    Merry Christmas!!

  20. I want to read both of these books sooo bad.

    My favorite thing about the holidays is waking up Christmas morning knowing I'm going to spend the whole day with my family.


  21. Please enter me, too! Favourite part of Christmas holidays? Visiting relatives and eating lots of good food :) Hot chocolate, sweets, roasted chicken, lasagna, you name it.

    +1 tweeted about the contest here:

    +1 commented on the Hush, Hush co-review (you two are hilarious)

    +1 commented on the interview with Becca Fitzpatrick


  22. I love Christmas because to me it is about being with your family. My family is my life and Christmas is the one time that we all are together and spend quality time!!

    I tweeted
    I commented on the review
    I commented on the interview

    jbbird [at] duo-county [dot] com

  23. +1 Oh. The Christmas gift I wanted to get is definitely all of my wish-listing books! Nothing more.

    +1 TWEETED:

    +1 commented on the Hush, Hush co-review

    + commented on the interview with Becca Fitzpatrick


  24. I'm a follower :)
    And what I love most about this time of year is spending time with my family... and getting presents!

    +1 I tweeted

    ella_press AT

  25. I'm a follower, and you're on my sidebar at
    I love to give books for Christmas, and find myself making mental lists of what people would like for reading material...:)

  26. This comment has been removed by the author.

  27. OMG, I just realized I forgot to put in my favorite holiday whatever. It's a quote from my favorite Christmas movie: Scrooged.

    Bill Murray: "We don't want to scare the 'Dickens' out of people." *awkward pause then said with exasperation* "The 'Dickens' out of people." *sigh* "Nobody gets me."

    Hope that will count with my above comment. Thanks!!!!

    And my email is

  28. Great giveaway

    What I love about Xmas Holidays-the Christmas movies and music.Favorite movie A Christmas Story.I just love everything about Xmas

    +1 I am a follower

    +1 tweeted

    +1 commented on review

    +1 comment on interview


  29. I love how it gets a little chilly and you can just sit on the couch under a blanket and no one will call you a lazy bum.

    +1 Commented on your review
    +1 Commented on the interview


  30. I love drinking hot chocolate outside in the freezing cold. And presents, don't forget the presents!

    +1 commented on your interview!

    btw, WOW! I'm a 300th follower, that's a first for me :) Great blog!

  31. I can't wait to get my hands on these books!
    I am a follower
    My favorite xmas presents are BOOKS!
    Favorite xmas movie quote "bah humbug!" just because I am feeling very bah humbuggy this year :)

  32. I'm a follower!! ;)

    Anyway, I love staying inside and enjoy the warmth of the fireplace. Top that with some eggnog or hot chocolate, and everything's well! Oh, let's not forget some company. That's always the fun part :)

    +1 sidebar: here
    +1 twitter: here


  33. Awesome giveaway!

    I'm already a follower. My favorite thing about this year is the christmas lights! I love driving around and looking at houses - even better when it has snowed.


  34. I would LOVE to win this!!
    Thankyou!! :D:D:D


  35. I've been dying to read both of these, great contest.

    +1 Im a follower.

    +1 I blogged this contest at

    I like making Christmas cookies with my kids and
    I also love sipping my french vanilla hot cocoa, loungiing by the fireplace with a good book. I enjoy the Christmas music and watching all the new Christmas shows to, like 4 Christmas's that was great and Santa Baby.

    misty_labean yahoo com

  36. Please include me. I am a follower.

    My favorite part of the holidays is the decorations and the creativity that goes into them.

    Linked on sidebar here:

    Commented on review

    Commented on interview

    bacchus76 at myself dot com

  37. My favourite Christmas song is All I Want for Christmas is my Two Front Teeth by The Count from Sesame Street. :)

    vision.nguyen AT gmail DOT com

  38. I'm a follower. My favorite Christmas gift to receive is a book!

    +1 - Spread the word!

    +1 - Comment on our Hush, Hush co-review

    +1 - Comment on our interview with Becca Fitzpatrick

    aikychien at yahoo dot com

  39. My favorite gift is BOOK ! and i'll be so happy if send me a free book :)

    I'm A follower, and commented here :)

    + 1 comment on your Hush Hush co-review
    + 1 coment on your interview with Becca Fitzpatrick

    uniquas at ymail dot com

  40. Count me in!
    My favorite part of the winter holidays is getting to go home and spend time with my family. And then all of my Christmas Eve traditions - luminaries, etc. . . I guest posted about it at Book Blather the other day here if you want to check it out.
    +1 in my sidebar under the contest list -
    +1 commented on co-review
    +1 commented on interview


  41. I love Chinese winter holidays cuz there's lots and lots of warm FOOD 8D in fact all Chinese holidays seem to involve copious amounts of food, not that I'm complaining =D

    +1 sidebar
    +1 tweet



  42. I'm a follower and my favorite part of the Holidays is seeing the Christmas lights.

    findjessyhere at gmail dot com

  43. My favourite part of the holidays
    is all the comfort food and getting lots of presents:)

    I'm a follower

    +1 Added to sidebar:

    +1 Commented on review

    +1 Commented on interview


  44. I am a follower.

    And my favorite part of the holiday is when the Christmas lights start to go up. So pretty and festive!

  45. Great Contest, they do have awesome covers.

    Im a follower

    My favorite part of the holydays is the christmas decorations, I love that!! And I Think books are a great gift ;)

    +1 Twitter:
    +1 Sidebar:


  46. I love the way all streets are lit up with Christmas decorations :) It makes me sing 'la la la'

    Please enter me, icejew at gmail dot com

    I have posted the contest on my sidebar

    I have commented on the review as well as the interview.

    I'm a follower.

    Thanks for the contest.

  47. I've got both of these on my Christmas wish list (and sadly I didn't win The Story Siren's giveaway so thanks for this second chance)

    I'm a follower and I posted this on the Contests & Giveaways section on my sidebar


  48. Yay, both of these books are on my wish list!

    My favorite gift to give is pretty decorated cookies! I love baking, especially yummy treats!


  49. I just became a follower today.

    One of my favorite things about this time of year is the kind of snow that happens in the dead of night, during the calmest of evenings. Huge, pillowy collections of flakes cascading down from the heavens as if just for you. That's a nice image for me.

    e-mail: rabidfox(at)

    +1 I've also added a link to this contest on the sidebar of my blog, here.

  50. New follower
    +1 My favorite part of the holiday is going to visit my family in mexico I only get to see them for christmas and its the high light of my year because I get to eat tamales and i get time to spend with them. I also get to visit places in mexico i never been to so much fun!
    1+commented review

  51. new follower here ;)

    I would have to say that my favorite part of the holiday's are how I get to go out and spend quality time with my friends and family.

  52. This comment has been removed by the author.

  53. My favorite things about christmas are the decorations (trees, lights, ...) and the time with my family.

    +1 Tweeted it

  54. I like gift cards so I can choose the specific way I want to spend the money. Heck why front? Just give me the cold hard cash!

    This contest is fate! My bff just stumbled Fallen to me recently - but I'd already heard of it and wanted it.

    +1 Follow even w/o the contest
    +1 Twittered!
    +1 Hush, Hush review comment
    +1 Author interview comment

  55. oops - my email is 52faces at gmail

  56. my favourite parta bout christmas is when it snows and I'm inside and it's warm and cosy and I can snuggle next to my boyfriend and read a good book and eat yummy christmas chocolate :)

    infiniteplaylist AT gmail DOT com

  57. My favourite thing about the Winter Holidays is that they are in Winter. I love the cold weather, the excuse to wear scarves, hats and winter jacket. An excuse to snuggled up under the covers with a good book.

    I'm a follower. I commented on the Hush hush review and tweeted.



    I just love being with family and friends this time of year... and books are also pretty awesome gifts. lol...

    Please enter me in the giveaway.

    I am a follower.

  59. Best part about the holidays? Watching It's A Wonderful Life a hundred times :)

  60. Hey! I'm a follower, and this contest rocks! I've read Hush, Hush and loved it! And can't wait to read Fallen!

    commented on Hush, Hush co-review
    commented on interview with Becca
    posted on facebook here:

  61. Sign me in!!

    +1 Tweeted

    +1 Comment on Hush Hush review

    +1 Comment on our interview with Becca Fitzpatrick



  62. My favourite gift would be a 100$ gift card from BookDepository.. better make it 1000$ ;)

    +1 tweeted

  63. My favourite thing about Christmas is all the books I 'could' get ;)

    Following ;)

  64. I'm a follower.

    My favorite part would have to be spending time with my family. Christmas day is the only day we all spend together anymore.

    +1 Twitter

    +1 Commented on Hush, Hush co-review

    +1 Commented on interview

  65. I love giving books for Christmas. and seeing my family.

    +1 linked to sidebar @
    already a follower

    redleocat at

  66. I'm a follower:)
    I'm from Russia and we have 10 holiday days after New Year. So I have a lot of times to meet with friends, spent time with my family. And I really like to walk all New Year night.

    +1 I tweeted:


  67. I enjoy getting to spend time with my family on Christmas Eve when we open our presents from each other. Then we go and look at Christmas lights and sing Christmas carols.

    I'm a follower


  68. +1 The thing I love about the holidays is people usually at least try to get along, how ever successful that is. =)

    +1 Blogged:

    +1 Commented your funny review

    +1 Commented your cute interview

  69. I have become a follower. Favorite part of the holidays and buying people gifts. "Fra-gee-lee"

  70. My favorite part of the holidays is the spirit and seeing my family, and the food, definitely the food.

    +1 sidebar:
    +1 commented on co-review
    +1 commented on interview



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