Saturday, February 20, 2010

You guys are the EXTREMIEST followers around! And one of you is a winner!

Want inspiration? Check out your fellow followers. For our GOING BOVINE contest, we asked the entrants to list their "extremiest" goal or recent moment in their lives. We were WOWED by the answers, and you will be too!

Titania is finishing two literature-heavy school semesters in only one in order to graduate on time.

Jon Paul literally risked death in Baghdad to scribble down a breakthrough moment in a short story he was writing... during a duck-and-cover alarm that meant incoming rockets. Holy cow!

Mariah finished NaNoWriMo AND wrote a ton of papers for her college finals that month!

Dani wants to get a perfect grade on her AP US history test and read 150+ books this year.

Heather broke out of her writerly comfort zone and wrote a kickass poem!

Pepsivanilla's ready to move out and go to college! Hello, real world.

One Pushy Fox completed NaNoWriMo by ONLY writing from 5:30-7am daily.

Ann got a rockin' 98/100 on a super tough oral Spanish final.

Megan's pushing past her writing fear and finally penning that picture book she's been wanting to write for five years!

MBee left the security of a full-time job and apartment to move back home and return to school to become a teacher.

Blacksheep is ready to throw herself into the world of acting -- poor or not, she's going after her dreams.

Jeniwrites took a huge monetary leap of faith in herself and her writing. Talk about bravery!

WilowRaven's goal is to save for a beautiful future.

Tsukiko's just begun writing her novel, and she's determined to finish it, despite all the unknowns.

Marissa wants to own her own bookstore one day! Yayyyyy books!

Chris didn't let illness and overwhelming schoolwork stop him from completing his NaNoWriMo novel -- in just half the month!

Heather moved from California to Colorado. Heck yes, new beginnings.

Veronica made multiple 4-hour round trips to meet Jason Wright, her favorite author. That's dedication!

JustPeachy is writing through the fear, beginning the novel she's wanted to write since childhood.

52 Faces... well 52 Faces drove 12 hours in 1.5 days to get pizza in Phoenix, moved to and from NYC (cross country) in two months, and adopted a dog from a shelter.

Paige ran the DisneyWorld Marathon in freezing weather! (And thought of Going Bovine during it.)

Uprobablydontknowme wants to become a bestselling author.

Lindsay's having a marathon library book reading session -- 88 by her return date!

Raspberry wants to take an artsy class while she's pregnant. Heck yes for doing something for yourself, mama!

Lydia's aiming to lose 100 pounds this year -- on top of the 70 she's already dropped!

Sherry's ready to get her bachelor's degree!

Miss Eliza's ready to be a better blogger and balance it with school.

Audrey, if you're reading this, get off the computer and do your homework! (That was your goal, BTW.)

Lea's going to blog more, get better grades, and do more community service.

Kelly met Leila Christenbury, a teacher and writer she seriously admires.

Elisabeth wants to go to Ireland. Have a pint for us!

Elizabeth had an epic toy sword fight with her friends in the park. Seriously, I want to be at the next one.

Justine's gearing up to ace her English exam.

Julie climbed a mountain in Barcelona!

Shelli made it through her son's throat surgery. Hope all is well!

Ashley went skiing in Boone for the first time.

Angela's quitting her job and going back to school to become a high school English teacher.

Aly's studying abroad in France and living with a family there.

Emily's trying to finish three novels, and she wants to be accepted into Brown University.

But only ONE person can be a winner of the super awesome personalize signed copy of GOING BOVINE. And that person is...

52 FACES!!!!!!!!!!!
Who will drive the distance for that pizza, move across the country and rescue a dog from an animal shelter!


You have 72 hours to claim your prize!

We STILL wanna know!
What's your extremiest moment or goal? And what's your favorite of this list?


  1. Wow! Reading this list of accomplishments is so inspiring--and a prize all by itself!

    Great idea for a contest guys and I think we should all--participants, organizers, everyone!--give ourselves pats on the back for kicking a$$, if you will excuse my French!

    Congrats Terry! Woo hoo!

  2. Congrats Terry!

    Whoa... this list is extreme! It's great to see a list of everyone's accomplishments!

  3. Neat extreme accomplishments/goals!

    My extremiest thing is working full-time with long hours and 50% travel, while going to school part-time and earning certifications for work. *Phew* I'm tired... but it should have a payoff someday.

  4. Yay, extreme beings! I'm not doing anything extreme lately. Just being boring, as usual. :-)

  5. Congrats to Terry for winning! And congrats to all of us for our extreme accomplishments! It was really awesome to see everyone's accomplishments/goals up there in the summary. :)

  6. Congrats Terry!

    Jon Paul - Heck yeah for kicking a$$!

    Mariah + Cleverly Inked + a_Hoffman - Yes, I had a ton of fun reading the entries!

    Guinevere - Yes, that's an extreme-y extreme! Here's to a great payoff.

  7. I like the list! Everyone on Blogger is very peppy today. I love it!

  8. Congrats, Terry! I'm just excited you mentioned me! :D

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