Saturday, March 6, 2010

Contracts: Demystified! with agent Edward Necarsulmer

Super Agent Edward Necarsulmer (of McIntosh & Otis) gave a great presentation at SCBWI NYC explaining contracts in layman's terms -- and I just happened to be there!

Now, I know you're all like, "Donna, if someone wanted to publish my novel, I wouldn't CARE what the heck was in the contract."

Here's the thing: when the glow of the shiny new author-publisher relationship wears off and you realize you just traded months (ahem, years) of blood/sweat/tears/sanity for a year-long fruit-of-the-month club membership and a bag of Swedish Fish, you'll be a little upset.

Or maybe not.

Either way, I wrote a summary of his talk, and it can be found at the ever-so-excellent Guide to Literary Agents blog.

PS - Contracts sound like a snooze-fest, but they're not -- PLUS, it's super important that you understand what's what in all that lingo -- that's your novel baby it'll be talking about one day!


  1. thanks for this! I also heard Edward talk about this at an Ottawa writers' conference. He's straight forward and has lots of charisma, eh?

  2. I also attended one of his talks on contracts at the SCBWI Winter Conference. Good info. Edward is definitely an awesome agent and a good person, too. (I met him a few years back at a workshop, and he's very kind.)

  3. TerryLynn & Dawn - Yes, I'd heard mant good things about Edward from the conference circuit, and I'm glad I finally got to hear him myself.

    Hardygirl - Hope you found it useful!


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