Monday, March 22, 2010

Sourcebooks Launch Party Recap (cross-posted with Frankie Writes)

Ok so I promised I'd tell you more details about my night and include pictures...well...slight snafu...maybe. See, I took along my sister Eva (yes, I'm calling you out) totally convincing her that she should just drop everything and come to NYC with me at the last possible second for a publishing party (because I can be that persuasive) but I also made lofty promises of we can get food at One Lucky Duck--an amazing raw vegan take-away (we dabble in raw foods and go raw from time to time on top of being vegan). And with promises like that...she accepted! Anyway, despite walking west for awhile on 17th street when we were supposed to go east (yeah...), we made it there and got salads, raw cookies and smoothies to die for!!! I'm not kidding! Their smoothies=heaven.

But so here's the other thing I trusted Eva to take the pictures and secure them. And believe me, we took pictures. Lots of pictures. But...apparently, only 2-- 2 I tell you --actually exist. Possible her digital camera is haunted...or technology failed...but Eva, I am very suspicious of what happened to the other pictures!

Alas, I won't allow the lack of pictures to keep me from recapping (cough though it did for a few days cough). I'm a writer, right? So I can write it out for you and paint the scene.

OK! So...Eva and I got to Books of Wonder for the launch party about half an hour early, because we're cool like that and to meet my friend Faye who I met last November at Books of Wonder when I went to see Suzanne Collins, Scott Westerfield, Justine Larbalestier, Kristin Cashore and The Libba Bray!

Then I met Robyn Schneider aka Violet Haberdasher, the awesome author of Knightly Academy. We took pictures...(ahem) but there aren't any to show....but here's one of her youtube videos to give you an idea of how awesome she is!

Anyway our conversation kind of went something like this.

Frankie: OMG you write about Knights!

Robyn: Because Knights are awesome!

Frankie: OMG I write about Knights!

Robyn: Because Knights are awesome!

I'm pretty sure there was also some intelligent conversation in there as well as a comparison of our worlds--sooo different. But I started reading Knightly Academy and it's AWESOME because...well, Knights are awesome. And if Robyn and I have any say in it then Knights will be the new vampires. So meeting her was awesome (how many times can I say awesome you ask? the answer: a lot) and you can expect to see some interviews and a review of Knightly Academy soon on the FNC.

I also got to meet and talk with a few agents (SQUEEEE) and say hi again to David Levithan (the uber awesome editor/writer extraordinaire who coordinated the whole NYC Teen Author Fest) and talk to Joanna Volpe again (uber-cool agent I met with Donna at Janet Reid's workshop), said hi to Barry Lyga, saw agents Ammi Joan Paquette, Tina Wexler, Edward Necarsulmer IV, Barry Goldblatt (who might as well be the equivalent of seeing Brad Pitt and Kate Winslet in my eyes) and then rocked out to Tiger Beat--Libba Bray's band and...seriously, the girl can rock, sing, dance, write songs, whatever--she was amazing!!!!!!!!!!

And I got to see my friend Allary who not only has the coolest job in the world--she works at Books of Wonder, I know you're jealous (I am) but she also is David Levithan's student! SO jealous!

And of course, the stars aligned perfectly for the epic meeting of Frankie and LiLa!
 Aka Lisa and Laura aka the Roecker sisters aka made of awesome!
We finished up the night on a secret covert operation that involved Libba Bray and a video camera that was a lot of fun. I talked to Libba for a bit and she gave me even more inspiration to keep going with the writing journey  (because she rules) and then...we went home!

So all in all, it was a great party! I had a blast and I got some vegan cookies. What more could a girl want?
Now....back to revisions!


  1. This just looks like the greatest trip EVER!!!

    And, I just finished Libba Bray's Going Bovine. If I ever meet her, I will drop down and bow at her feet.


  2. YAY--thanks for posting all the details! At least I can live vicariously through this, since once again, I missed a cool event. *grumbles about living on the west coast*

  3. Between this post and LiLa's today, I feel like I was there too. Okay, I'll just have to imagine Libba's awesome band and singing.

  4. SOOO amazing. We had such a fabulous time meeting you Frankie. You are SO much fun and we thank you for encouraging/forcing us to ask THE Libba Bray THE favor. You're awesome.


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