Friday, March 5, 2010

Writing Rituals

When we moved into a two-bedroom apartment back in September, I was excited to finally have space for an office! But it takes a while to get settled and organized in a new place. Nearly six months later, our office is finally more than the "junk drawer," as my sister called it, that it was for the first several months of our residence here, and I now have a little room of my own in which to write fiction!

Well, half a room, anyway. I do have to share it with the Aussie, after all.

My corner:
(Isn't it sweet! The black square beside the chair is one of those ribbon boards--kinda like a bulletin board, but w/o tacks. I'm gonna hang it this weekend.)

His corner:
(He doesn't use it much.)

Our shared corner:
(Love that chair!)

The corner yet to be tackled:
(We have a bit of work to do yet.)

So...why the pictures of my personal space? Because I want to discuss writing rituals, and it's in this space that the writing happens.

My writing life has picked up over the last couple months. Writing is becoming a priority and a part of my weekly schedule rather than something that happens if I'm lucky. I've noticed lately that I have developed a few writing rituals--things I must have in place while I'm writing.

First, I always have a candle burning on my desk.

Second, I have cup of tea in my cute tea cup, poured from my cute tea pot.

Third, I always use the light on my desk rather than the overhead light. The desk lamp casts a soft warm glow.

With these elements combined, I've been enjoying many fruitful writing sessions lately.

What are your writing rituals?


  1. You have an office! Yayyyyyy! I can't wait to have an office. Sadly, I don't think I have any writing rituals. Seriously! Sometimes I have music, sometimes I don't. Bright, dark. Beverage, none. But I prefer writing in the big, comfy leather desk chair at the computer. And I do my best writing between 10pm and 1am and when I'm alone. I can't have TV noise!

  2. You've succeeded in making me jealous. I like to burn a yankee candle, but rarely do. I love having a nice cuppa joe, but rarely do. I also like to get all comfy in my bed with my little laptop tray, but that rarely happens either. I usually end up on the couch with headphones in, but one day...I'll make it a priority methinks. Oh, and I keep chocolate close by at all times whilst writing:D

  3. Oooo--chocolate. I might have to add that to my process!

    Donna--I do my best sleeping between 10pm and 1am. How do you get up in the morning?

  4. Love the tea pot, what a brilliant idea! Thanks for sharing the pictures, I love seeing how other writers work! I normally do a bit of yoga first to calm my nerves from the hectic day, turn my playlist on for my current novel and sit on the couch, after a few songs I begin to write, at that point I'm in the zone!

  5. Congrats on having an office. I love my office, although I haven't found myself in it in about 3 weeks. I'm turned the couch in the living room into my writing area. I find I'm more creative on the couch (Sometimes) especially if I'm working on my novel. When freelancing I have to be in my office with no distractions other than my cat Buddy who rolls around on the floor wanting attention as he's doing right now on the couch. :)

    I don't think I have any "rituals" other than I have to have my coffee if I'm writing in the morning and my iced tea if I'm writing at any other time of day.

  6. LOL your poor hubby and his side of the office! But it looks great, so glad you got it organized I love it!!! I need to reset my space.

  7. My husband built my office in the middle of our large multi-purpose room of our apartment. (The living/dining/study/play room) It has 4ft walls and a door - like a cubicle almost. It's really cute and it keeps my son from scribbling on my recent manuscript or ripping all my organized notes off the shelf.

    I have to have a full glass of pepsi, have a cigarette, then settle down in my comfy office chair. I check my email first as I try to get my mind in the right frame to write. Then I get to writing!

    Sometimes, I am just struck my an idea that I have to get written right away. I skip all the other stuff and get straight to writing! Those times are so fun as I usually reread the scene later and think "Wow! I thought of that?"

  8. We haven't really put our office together yet... I like to curl up on our couch and write there in the living room. Since I write first thing in the morning before work, my only real ritual is that I'm always half asleep when I write. :p

  9. I love it that we all have such different practices--though the couch seems a common locale.

    Thanks for sharing!

  10. I'm a candle person too. I went through a horrible dry spell recently when they stopped making my favorite scent. Not good....

    I sit on a couch in our sunroom. I've tried to work other places, but it was a no go. I have to have at least an hour in front of me, or I find it best to not even try to write.

    I haven't tried the cup of tea, but I'm thinking my schnauzer would get in my way trying to drink it.


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