Thursday, May 6, 2010

Amazing Writing Advice from Other People

I always save links to writing blog posts I find especially helpful, and when I'm stuck in a certain area while writing or revising, I go back to this completely disorganized list of posts to help get un-stuck.

The past couple weeks have offered some seriously awesome posts, so I figured I'd share my favorite links with you!

From The Blood Red Pencil - written dialogue vs. real life
From The Other Side of the Story - revising dialog
From Writer Musings - guest post on when/how to tag dialogue

From Laini Taylor's blog - Part I of a three-part post... covers just about everything

From The Bookshelf Muse - ways to describe characters
From The Other Side of the Story - how to show goals/motivations, not tell

This epic list from Cynthea Liu runs the gamut of writing advice.

From Write to Done - landing guest posts to build your blog

And don't forget to check out the FNC's epic list of recommended blogs (broken down by category) to see more of our favorite and most useful reads!

Leave your fave posts from 'round the blogosphere in the comments! Or, like, tell me how the weather is where you are. It's sunny and in the 70s in Philadelphia -- gorgeous!


  1. I just found this other link (like you I keep a list of helpful posts to refer back to when I'm stuck). I'll be adding this post to my list, too.

    Here's the one I found by author Justine Larb....what a mouthful (it's old but very good)

  2. Sweet! I look forward to checking these out. Thanks for adding The Bookshelf Muse to the list :)


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