Monday, August 9, 2010

Linger/Linger Winners!

Thanks everyone for entering our Linger/Linger contest giveaway! We have two winners, one for the arc of Linger and one for a finished copy.

And they are...

The winner of a Linger Arc....

Mireyah Wolfe!

Woot! Congrats, Mireyah!


The winner of a Linger Hardback...

Erika Lynn

Wooohooo! Congrats, Erika!

Check your emails guys for more details.

And if you didn't win, no worries--we have some VERY epic contests coming your way!


  1. SQUEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EXCLAMATION POINTS!!!!!!

    *runs around doing the happy dance*

  2. haha Mireyah's comment made me laugh but I am equally excited. although no happy dances because I am at work!

  3. Congrats, ladies! And epic contest coming up? Woohoo! :)


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