Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Skip a Starbucks!

So I know most of us are either still nose-deep in Mockingjay, or trying to recover from finishing it (I'm in the latter category--I still have no words!)

But, if you take a moment to hop on the internet, you need to head over to CJ Redwine's blog because she's got something pretty amazing going on.

CJ has the whole amazing story posted on her blog, but the short version is this: Her family and she have been trying to bring a baby girl home from China for the past five years.  After going through endless loops and setbacks, it looks like it's finally happening, which is awesome.  The not awesome part?  Because the process has taken so long, the whole thing costs a lot more expensive.

Which is where us, the blogging community, comes in.

CJ is asking you to Skip a Starbucks for just one day--or some other little indulgence--and take that 5, 10, 15 dollars (or however much you feel you can spare) and donate it so her little girl can come home from China.

(Doing so will also qualify you to enter a TON of awesome blog contests, which are all listed at CJ's blog as well.)

Come on, do it.  We can all make coffee at home for one day.

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