Thursday, August 19, 2010

That ARC of Anna and the French Kiss is OURS.

For real. So don't even bother entering Stephanie Perkins' contest for Anna and the French Kiss.

It's not like it's THE most buzzed-about contemporary YA since If I Stay and The DUFF.

It's not like it has a cover made of awesome.
See, the cover's so hideous that even Steph's closing her eyes.
It's not like we've developed an author-crush on Stephanie from her oh-so-entertaining blog.

And it's not like Gayle Forman herself (and a bazillion other fantabulous YA authors) gushed about its epic wonderfulness or anything.

We're sure it's stupid and not at all amazing and totally not worth the effort of looking for photos of Hot British Men for Steph. (SUCH a grueling task, BTW.)

We're just entering the ARC contest to make sure that you don't waste your time reading Anna.

You should hope we win, and then when we do, totally thank us for saving you from such an awful book.



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