Thursday, January 13, 2011

Plans! Plans! Plans!

The FNC is all busy getting ready to head to NYC two weekends in a row! We've been a little quieter on the blog lately, but you can count on getting some sweet recaps very very very soon!*

Where are we headed?

January 21-23rd: 
Frankie, Janine, and I will be the official live bloggers of the Writers Digest Conference!
This incredible event features a ginormous Pitch Slam where attendees have two full hours to pitch over 50 agents in 3-minute sessions (!!!! my palms are sweating already) AND the schedule is chock full of sessions covering writing, revising, querying, and promoting your work; becoming a successful author; social media and the digital age; and everything else you need to know about being awesome.

-- Here's the website for more details: It's not too late to register!

January 28th:
FIRST, we're heading to WORD bookstore in Brooklyn to see...
Leila Sales (Mostly Good Girls), Lauren Oliver (Before I Fall), and Anna Jarzab (All Unquiet Things)!!!
LOVE all these books, and we're so excited to meet the authors, check out an indie bookstore, and hang out with Lenore(!) and other bloggers-of-awesome.
-- Event link:

And then AFTERWARD, we'll be attending KidLit drink night for some cocktails!
-- Event info: 

And that WEEKEND, Sara will be attending the SCBWI Winter Conference!
-- Conference info:

And then on 1/23, we're co-hosting our very own LIT NIGHT IN PHILLY!
More details to come, of course!

Frankie's headed to a Maggie Stiefvater-hosted Super Amazing Writer Retreat of Awesome!
Check out her blog for the droolworthy details of how you can ask 23 YA writers anything you want!
-- More info: Maggie's blog post

WHEW! We'll be sure to post more about these events as they near, but in the meantime we're JUST SO EXCITED!

Anyone else headed to NYC in January?

*And of course, we'll be writing some regular old posts in the meantime! hehe


  1. Wow! It sounds like you are going to have an awesome time. The Pitch conference, KitLit night, and Maggie's writing conference. I would so love to go to these events. Enjoy.

  2. Sounds wonderful! How lucky! Have fun and I'll look forward to reading your live blog. And good luck, Donna and Janine, with those pitch sessions.

  3. Working on my first novel. Will be there. Scared as hell.


  4. Lenore, Natalie, and Joanne - Replies via email!

    Kass - So excited for you! You'll do great! If you see anyone blogging a session, come say hi -- it's us!


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