Saturday, January 15, 2011

Droolworthy bookshelves!

I wrote about my wall-sized bookcase. Sara wrote about her built-in bookshelves of awesome. And now ... the mother lode of bookshelves. It puts us all to shame.

For your weekend drooling, I give you BOOKSHELF PORN.

It's a photo blog with bookshelves that are so, so pretty. You'll want to pet them, they're so pretty.

Bookaholics, celebrate!

Check out the blog, then leave a link to your favorite in the comments!
* PS - Can't wait to see what kind of comment spam we get with the word "porn" in one of our posts. :-P


  1. I love this one:

    with the wraparound shelves and the cathedral ceiling and a sofa. That's all one needs, right?

  2. Jess - Isn't it gorgeous?! There are so many great ones.

    Joanne - NICE! Yes, all one needs fo shizzle.

    Taschima - I replied via email!


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