Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Writers Digest Recap

So this past weekend as you know (which you should know if you've been keeping up with the blog--but in case you haven't--well now you do), I was at the Writers Digest 2011 Conference with Donna and Janine (3/4 of the First Novels Club) LIVE BLOGGING all weekend!

If you go to THIS LINK, it will take to you all of our recaps from the conference, which seriously, you should check out because there is some GOOD info there.

So since most of our weekend is actually recapped for you via the Writers Digest Blog...I figured I'd recap for you in pictures! Yay! We love pictures!

Janine and Donna SO happy in our hotel room!
A rare moment when Donna wasn't blogging, or hanging out with super agents

Besides writing and blogging, the FNC has a MAJOR love affair with boots!

Proof I'm staff! This got me access into every talk. But most importantly, it got me near all the electrical outlets. Live blogging uses a lot of laptop battery!
Le Bloggers!
Highlights (without pictures):

*Taking the subway by myself!
*Meeting Chuck Sambuchino!!!
*Japanese delivery to our room
*Listening to Super Agent, Donald Maass talk--he is AMAZING!
*Meeting Andrea Brown Agent, Mary Kole
*The Sheraton's WELCOME TO YOUR DAY Channel! Soothing music and pretty pictures 24/7
*Meeting new writer friends! (This is ALWAYS my fave!)

I hope everyone who attended had as much fun as we did! And I hope everyone who wasn't there gets a chance to check the recaps.

Next on the FNC Event Agenda: New York this Friday for a Book Signing with Lauren Oliver, Anna Jarzab, and Leila Sales, followed by Kid Lit Night with all the writers, agents and editors in town for SCBWI NY!

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