Monday, September 13, 2010

The bookcase in all its glory.

When I bought my house, I had one stipulation -- I wanted a big darn bookcase. I envisioned something a la the Beast's library in Beauty and the Beast -- because let's face it, don't all of my dreams somehow relate to that movie?

But seriously, it's the library of awesome.

In reality, I'm living in a 1000-square-foot rancher, and there's not quite room for a library. And honestly, I don't have as many books as a lot of people, mostly because I'm A) frugal and LOVE the library, B) generally only purchase/keep books that I'd read more than once, and C) donated/sold a bunch of books before I moved.

But still, I've bought six books in the past two weeks.

Anyway, getting to the point of this post -- I built a bookcase. It's about 7 feet tall and 5.5 feet wide, and it's soooo pretty, and I have plenty of room to expand my collection. Also, thanks to the brilliance of IKEA, I will one day be able to expand it to my heart's content. One day, I'll have that library, dammit.

Until then, I present to you.... my bookcase!

The big picture. I'd say I have about 150 books in it, plus a few more that are lent out to people. (Click to see larger version.)
 Time to highlight some shelves....

My immediate TBR. Isn't it delicious?

 (In case you were wondering, that thing to the right of the books is something I made in art class my senior year of high school. It's a box that fits a deck of cards. All around the sides are Sorry pieces, and engraved on the top is the quote, "Life consists not in holding good cards, but in playing those you hold well." And yes, that is my name in Scrabble tiles.)

YA-a-palooza over here.
This is my favorite shelf. Aren't they just droolworthy? And a boomerang I got in Australia.
Harry Potter shelf 1 of 2. All the way to the right is a paperback of Philsopher's Stone I bought in London.
Harry Potter dedicated shelf 2 of 2. Audiobooks!
Two high school obsessions that I still re-read -- Buffy episode novelizations and the Roswell High series that inspired the show Roswell. That white thing is a piece of coral reef that washed ashore.
 So there's my bookcase! Yes, I share it with Future Husband, who has one shelf of computer books and like a half shelf of other books. And at least two shelves are dedicated to my scrapbook addiction.

Tell me about your dream bookcase!


  1. I LOVE that library! I wish I had it!

    Wow, am jealous of your book shelf!

  2. I envy your HP exclusive ones... Specially audiobooks. They're so expensive...

  3. My library is just jumbled all over the house. Books in the living room, books in the bedroom, books in the computer room. My dream would be wall-to-wall book cases, but first I have to collect enough books :)

  4. Your library is excellent! I saw Jellicoe Road in there o.o

  5. Leilani - Thank youuu!! My bookcase makes me smile!

    Everyone else -- thanks for commenting -- check your email for my response!

  6. Donna, that's great. So glad you now have a big bookcase. And I'm thrilled to see Roswell High on your shelves. I have all of those books too!! I LOVE those books.

    You have excellent taste, my dear.

  7. This is Valerie again, from The T-Shirt Project. I think a lot about my dream book set-up, so, I wrote a blog about it.


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