Monday, September 20, 2010

Vladimir Tod Countdown! Support Books!

In just under twelve hours (for us East Coasters), the conclusion to Heather Brewer's Vladimir Tod series comes out.  Which means there's only a little over twenty-four hours left in our Eternally Awesome Vladimir Tod Giveaway!  If you haven't had a chance to enter yet, just click the link and go.  It only takes a few moments!

Also, Frankie posted yesterday about speaking loudly about what is happening to Laurie Halse Anderson's SPEAK.  The support that I've seen from the Twitter/Blog world has been overwhelming and a reminder of how lovely this community is, and how important it is to use your voice!

I've been lucky that I've never gone through or experienced many of the traumas and self-traumas that occur to so many young people as they go through middle and high school.  But I have been the friend of those going through it, and been the person to hold their hand, and been the person to attend the funeral.  That's why it's so important for books like SPEAK to remain on the shelves and easily accessible to the young adult community.  That way even if it doesn't affect you personally, you can still have the knowledge and the power of what it looks like to come out of the situation and be stronger for it.

I just want to remind people that as we are SPEAKing out, to also do so for Sarah Ockler's TWENTY BOY SUMMER, which is also on the chopping block, as well as Slaughterhouse Five.

And while you're at it, read a few other books that have been banned, like:

--And Tango Makes Three
--Annie On My Mind
--Harry Potter
--The Giver

I picked these four books because all have had an impact on me, either as a child or an adult.  And in the case of And Tango Makes Three, a picture book, I've seen it have an impact on the children I've taught.

And when you're done reading a book, pass it on a friend.  Or donate it to the library.  The best thing you can with knowledge is spread it around!

(Btw, did you know that Laurie is about to go on a book tour for her new book, FORGE, the sequel to CHAINS?  So be sure to check out her tour information and see if she's coming to an area near you, and then you can support her and her books in person as well!)


  1. I just discovered this blog today and I love it already! Aspiring women writers coming together and making a blog and interviewing seriously famous people. . . excellent.

    I didn't know that Speak was being challenged, but I am not surprised. Books can transform lives, and we can't let them be pulled off the shelves just because someone doesn't like them.

  2. I love Vlad! I just discovered him this year (or late last year, can't remember), and I've devoured all four books so far. I'm really looking forward to the last one. :)

    As for Speak, I can't believe that guy compared it to soft pornography. I mean...gross.


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