Friday, September 17, 2010

Philly Lit Night: Official Details (X posted)

What: Philly Lit Night

Huh: It's this awesome event where writers and bloggers and literary people in general who live in or near or sort of near the Philadelphia area can come and hang out and actually talk about writing and blogging and reading....and drink...if they want!

When: Friday, September 24th at 8pm

Where: The Irish Pub (20th and Walnut)

Who: This is the brain child of me and Simon C. Larter. But other fun faces shall be there, like the girls of the FNC! And everyone who is in the area is invited! And everyone who isn't in the area is also invited (expect tweets). This means YOU are invited! Yay!

Why: Because how else can you go out, tweet, practice using live hashtags, get crazy fodder for your blog, meet other writers, pull out a book when you're bored without getting looks AND get inspiration for your story? That's right. No where else! Also because we're all curious to see how strong of a Scottish accent Simon really has.

So we really hope to see you there!

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