Thursday, March 17, 2011


I'm cautiously optimistic about the casting decision for Katniss --- actress Jennifer Lawrence.
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(Check out the announcement HERE. And more from GalleyCat HERE.)

Give her some brown hair, and I can see her as Katniss. Yes, she's 20 playing a 16-year-old, but I think she can easily look 16. (Obviously she looks super-glam in the red carpet pics. Here's an LA Times article with a de-glammed look from the movie Winter's Bone.) She's apparently an amazing actress, and she's still unknown enough to give us (or at least me) a blank slate. Fingers crossed she'll be amazing!

(Stalk her IMDB page like I did HERE.)

What do you guys think?

No matter if you're pro or con, I'm super excited about this announcement because they're one step closer to making this movie!

Hunger Games, here we come!!!


  1. Oh. My goodness. I grew up going to church with Jennifer and her family, and this is SO awesome. So. Awesome. She will be great.

  2. You guys beat out Entertainment Weekly's site with this; I went there to confirm it and there's nothing up on their Books section. Anyway, with dark hair sure she can pass for her. I didn't see Winter's Bone, but I think it's promising that an Academy Award nominated actress was chosen.

  3. An Oscar Nominee?! Wow, I'm so excited!

    Also, it said that Alex Pettyfer might be Peeta... I would be the first person in line <3

  4. I haven't seen Winter's Bone, but i think she looks the part. I'm more concerned with everything they're going to have to cut out if they want to keep it PG-13. That will be interesting.

  5. I'd love to see Alex Pettyfer in The Hunger Games, too, but he's much too big and tall to be Peeta, I find.
    This girl doesn't seem so bad, though. An ocar nominee? Good! I'm glad they haven't chosen some complete stranger to be the leading lady. Sometimes it just doesn't work out.
    I do wish they would have waited for me to graduate before starting on this movie, though ;-; I would die to work on it!!

  6. I agree with you: cautiously optimistic. We'll see if she can pull it off.

  7. I actually see Hunter Parrish more as Peeta than Alex Pettyfer. Then again, considering the genre of movies he plays in, I have a feeling it won't be easy to portray the same emotions as Peeta. He'll be a tough choice for sure!

  8. I'm okay with this choice. Especially since I have absolutely no say in the casting process, ha ha! The proof will be in the film itself.

    So hope they don't mess it up!

  9. Mariah - I know, Oscar cred! But I'm anti-Pettyfer for Peeta, just because he's infiltrating every YA book-to-movie.

    Melissa - I think they'll de-glam her fabulously. And with Collins writing the screenplay, it's the best chance we have for an awesome movie!

    Bfav - Since I wrote the post, I learned that Collins herself wanted her. Now I'm officially full-on optimistic!

    All others -- thanks for the awesome comments! Your individual replies were via email!


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