Saturday, March 19, 2011

Philly Lit Night TOMORROW!

The epically awesome tri-named duo of Frankie Diane Mallis and Simon C. Larter have teamed up for Philly Lit Night* part trois!

Specifically, we'll be here. So pretty! Filled with so many books!
And this time, I'll actually be there!
And you should be too! (We love to make new writer-friends!)

So if you're in the Philadelphia area and you have any interest in writing or books or bookstores or Irish pubs or just want to hang around and pretend you do, check out Simon's blog for all the important details. And Frankie's blog has them too! (But Simon's has pictures, so he wins.)

Hope to see you there!

* Ok, it starts at 4pm, so it's more Philly Lit Evening. But whatevs.

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