Wednesday, March 2, 2011

It's Frankie's birthday, and she'll be sassy if she wants to.

Again! But this time, it's vegan!
Just one week after Sara's birthday, it's Frankie's! And today, I'm celebrating the awesomeness that is my writing wifey by linking to my top three favorite posts of hers, the ones that are oh-so-Frankie.

She's the most dedicated, passionate, and hardworking writer I know, and in the FNC she's known for pushing us to do our best, even if we're kicking and screaming the whole way. But despite that take-no-prisoners mentality, she's also the life of the party, and these posts highlight her sassy, silly side.


The Hunger Games: Jersey Shore Edition
Why she'll survive... Her extra poufy hair will prove a useful place to store food supplies and small weapons.
Why she'll die... The gamers will lure her to a feast with the smell of pickles, after gorging she'll promptly fall asleep. Forever.

Charming vs Philip: Disney Princes SMACKDOWN!
Charming, what about you? What else is there to you? Do you like science? Want to discuss philosophy? Long walks on the beach? Have you memorized the secret recipe to your dead grandmother's soup because she was the only one who really understood you when you were five?
"I can find lost shoes!"

And of course...

The Vampire Diaries recaps!!!
From "were-ginity" to "anti-Damon," from "The Only Restaurant in Mystic Falls" to "The Dungeon of My Werewolf Transformation Hurts Worse Than Yours, Jacob Black," Frankie's recaps bring me to tears laughing.

Happy birthday, Frankie! We love you!

And speaking of sass... there's a new Sassy Gay Friend video up!!!! It's like the world KNEW it was Frankie's birthday!


  1. Awww, thanks, Donna! And yay Sassy Gay Friend FTW!

  2. Happy Birthday, Frankie!! I've been wondering why you don't write silly rhyming picture books, since you share a birthday with Dr. Seuss. But I guess Agent Laura is happy that you don't!

    Have a wonderful birthday.

  3. Congratulations,

    I especially enjoy the Vampire Diary references.
    Nahno ∗ McLein

  4. Happy Birthday Frankie! Hope you are enjoying your day.

  5. Happy birthday Frankie! What awesomely funny posts! i'm so glad I discovered this blog and Frankie's as well. have an amazing weekend!


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