Tuesday, July 26, 2011

FOREVER signing -- Maggie and Tessa and (Blue)Loki, oh my!

When the FNC heard that Maggie Stiefvater and Tessa Gratton were coming to the Philly area as a stop on Maggie's epic road trip summer tour for FOREVER, we knew we had to make a date with two of our fave YA author friends! (Ok, to be fair, only Frankie had met Tessa before, but we were pretty darn confident we'd all love her -- and we were right! She's awesome!)

The signing (at the excellent indie Children's Book World in nearby Haverford) was a blast (with an awesome lunch spread, thanks to the CBW staffers), and we met Blue Loki!

I was telling Maggie at the signing that the Wolves of Mercy Falls trilogy is my first completely signed book series that I own -- so much fun to see the finished set on my bookshelves!

The FNC + (2/3) Merry Sisters of Fate = awesome!
Sara, Maggie, Janine, Tessa, me, Frankie
(And what's a photo without rabbit ears?)
Maggie's Camaro, the unmistakable (Blue)Loki!
And after a yummy Mexican dinner that night...

Frankie love!!

I think this may be the first photo I've taken with Maggie where she's not making a silly face!

Sitting in the coolest car I'll probably ever sit in
... and imitating Maggie's author photo pose.
(And those are my work clothes. I'm not normally so fancy.)
Ok, I got the pose down, but I need to work on the mischievous grin. Next time!
For Tessa's recap of the Philly event check out her blog post HERE!

Have any of you gone to one of Maggie's summer tour signings for FOREVER or This is Teen? And out of curiosity, what full series do you have signed on your bookshelves?

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  1. Great pictures. I met Maggie & Tessa at their book signing in Novi last week, which was so awesome. Though I didn't get to hang out with them like you. So cool.


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