Monday, July 4, 2011

Meet Up with Kimberly Derting at Books of Wonder!

Hey Guys,

I know I've been quiet lately and that's because my life has been CRAZY! But I have some fun pictures to share with you. Last Thursday I went to NYC to one of my favorite Indie Children's Book Store....BOOKS OF WONDER!!!!! And I went to see... Kimberly Derting (my agent-mate), Laurie Faria Stolarz, Adele Griffin and Lisa Schroeder. SQUEEEE!

I arrived at Books of Wonder about a half hour early which was awesome because I got to catch up with my friends, Faye, Rachael from The Book Muncher, Ashley, and Kody Keplinger.

I also got to hang out with Rachel from Bookshelf Lust, Mitali from Alley of Books.

And epicness of epicness, I met Jade from Jade Hears Voices. Jade's from Australia, so I didn't think we'd ever meet, but when I found out she was traveling the US and was going to be in NYC the same day as this event, I told her all about it and was SO happy that she came!

Ok, enough talking. Here are PICTURES!

Adele Griffin, Lisa Schroeder, Laurie Faria Stolarz

Kimberly Derting, Adele Griffin, Lisa Schroeder

Ashley and Me

How adorable is Kody Keplinger?

This picture has famously become known as "I attack Kody Keplinger Naked"

Rachel (Bookshelf Lust), Rachael (Book Muncher), Me!

SO excited to meet Laurie! I love her TOUCH series!

JADE! So happy I caught her in NYC! Also, she makes me feel short! LOVE that!
Squeee! I've been talking to Kimberly online for forever, so I was so excited to meet her in person!

After the signing, Kimberly and I went for a night on the town. Or a night that involved her first taste of falafel,  and a random guy asking us to see naked lady wrestling...

But a few hours later, it was time to return to Philly and the real world.

Had a blast! Hope you guys enjoyed the recap!

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