Sunday, April 11, 2010

And because we don't believe in all work and no play...

We had a chance to relax for a couple hours on Saturday afternoon after the sessions. A break! A real, live break!

This is Steve's break time face.
(Steve is the son of Marilyn Hershey, SCBWI-EPA's Regional Advisor. We heart Steve. Hi Steve!)

We ladies decided to grab some wine and wander the grounds of Shawnee Inn to enjoy the beautiful weather and take a hiatus from all the technology!

Sara and Janine by the water.

Plants growing by the water.

Sara, Janine, and Frankie walking along the deserted golf course.

Then we saw this sign.

And two seconds later, we saw golfers. Surly ones. They told us in their surly way to go back to the hotel. And that was pretty much the end of our grand adventure.

That's ok, we needed to refill our wine glasses anyway.

Joke's on you, surly golfers. Joke's on you.


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