Thursday, April 8, 2010

Live Blogging Weekend Conference Extravaganza!

This weekend, the FNC will be attending the SCBWI-EPA Pocono Mountain Retreat -- and live blogging it for you guys!

So even if you don't get to spend your weekend at a resort in the lovely Pocono Mountains, you can benefit from all we learn at the conference workshops, panels, and presentations.

Workshop Breakdown 
(in no particular order)

- WHOSE STORY IS THIS? AND WHY? AND ARE YOU SURE? (Sandy Asher, award-winning picture book and YA author) Character motivation, who's driving your story.

- BOOKS: FROM THE BEGINNING TO THE END. (Judy Schachner, NY Times bestselling author/illustrator) The A to Z of picture books.

- PICTURE BOOK REVISION: WHAT CAN I CUT? (Margaret Miller, Editor, Bloomsbury Children's Books) Tightening the text of picture books.

- THE GREAT QUERY CAPER. (Elana Roth, Agent, Caren Johnson) What works/doesn't work, the agent slush pile experience.

- THE ELUSIVE HOOK. (Christy Webster, Assistant Editor, Random House) What is it, does your book have one, and how do you use it?

- THE PICTURE BOOK PROCESS (Martha Rago, Associate Creative Director, HarperCollins) From acquisition to finished product.

- IT’S ALL IN THE VOICE (for picture book or novel writers) (Eve Adler, Associate Editor, Henry Holt Books for Young Readers) Finding the right voice and making it come across effectively.

- ENTER THE INTERNET, LET’S TALK PROMOTION (Elana Roth, Agent, Caren Johnson) Marketing and social networking, author websites, book trailers.

- PICTURE BOOKS OUTSIDE THE BOX (Margaret Miller) Shake up your expectations of picture books! Make them fresh and inventive.

- SHOW WHAT YOU KNOW (Martha Rago, Associate Creative Director, HarperCollins) For illustrators, compiling an attention-getting portfolio.

- WRITING EARLY READERS (Christy Webster, Assistant Editor, Random House) Writing within the strict guidelines of an Early Reader product line.

- WORKSHOP ON WRITING HISTORICAL FICTION (Eve Adler, Associate Editor, Henry Holt Books for Young Readers) Historical accuracy, voice, language, tone, characterization, pacing. Bring your historical characters to life!

Be sure to check back regularly between about 5pm EST Friday and 11am EST Sunday for frequent updates!


  1. Yay! This is so exciting! Have a nice trip, ladies!

  2. Oh, Eve Adler was at the SCBWI retreat I went to a couple of weeks ago. She was great!

    Have fun!


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